A phenomenon that is gaining more and more followers in France

For some time now, the trend of “mystery packages” has been gaining more and more fans in France. People who allow themselves to be seduced by the experience buy these lost or forgotten packages in the hope of a pleasant surprise.

In the Cotentin, the young company Winabox The Hague of The Hague has just organized a sale of “ Mystery packages » Saturday February 10. An event that was very popular with hundreds of people participating. Buyer profiles are different. Some, like Gwendolyn, who came with her husband, are guided by curiosity, hoping to make it to the top.

My partner is on the line. I saw this on the networks and it already happened in The Hague. This time I wanted to see it with my own eyes. We don’t know, maybe we can find some good stuff, who knows? It’s win or lose. We try to see », explains the young woman in a testimony reported by the site Acting F.R.

The idea was not very convincing to others who came to attend the event. ” I’m curious, but not sure. When we see everything we can order on the internet today at ridiculous prices… and when you think about it, it’s once by the first recipient, second time on the platform, third time by the people here and maybe fourth time tomorrow on LabonCoin. ? » Brigit declared for the same source.

Additionally, other highly invested buyers have also set aside budgets specifically for purchasing “mystery packages”. This is the case for Alexandra, a mother who has set aside a budget of 50 euros that she hopes to make apparently profitable. Bottom line: She got a phone case, basketball shorts, and an attached watch. ” I have a granddaughter who needs frequent reminders for health reasons, maybe this could help her? » underlined the mother of the family Acting F.R.

Two tons of lost packages were sold in 3 hours

For the company behind the event, the sale of “ package Secrets” is the greatest opportunity to spend friendly time. ” We try to tell people that these are fun moments to spend and share together, but you shouldn’t rely on these packages to get rich. », explained Simon Amorican, the boss of Winabox. Almost everywhere in France, these sales of lost packages are booming. This weekend in Arizona, two tons of packages were sold in just 3 hours.

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