A new version of “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” in the series

20 years after Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Donald Glover and Maya Erskine reprise their roles as the couple’s spies charged with a mysterious mission. An action series that explores the intimacy of a couple with humor.



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Maya Erskine, Donald Glover are new "Mr. Mrs.  Smith".  (Amazon MGM Studios / Prime Video)

We remember the glamorous thriller Mr. Mrs. Smith, starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, before their real-life romance. The film follows several spies, working for rival organizations who are paid to eliminate others. Almost 20 years later, it was very daring to adapt this story into a series. And the author’s way of doing thingsAtlanta Bold, and works perfectly.

The new couple is less attractive: here is Donald Glover, all power and sensitivity, while his partner is more efficient than he is. The starting point also varies. This time, the couple is artificially created by an unknown organization, which recruits these two agents through a robot that studies their compatibility, their fingernails, and asks them how many people they have killed in their lives.

Then, they move into a grand typical New York apartment. And in each episode, it is through “chats” over the Internet with human or artificial intelligence that they discover their new mission.

So every episode, a mission for which they don’t know the reasons: follow the owner of the package, get the art collector to talk. A chase and lots of shooting with Mr. and Mrs. Smith not knowing who they work for. But this mission, sometimes parodically treated on screen, is all the way above, as in the film with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, talking about something else: the couple.

Additionally, the episodes are titled respectively First visit, first vacation. And they even end up in the office of a psychiatrist who specializes in couples. John Smith, Donald Glover, is clumsier than his partner Maya Erskine, explored in the series. Pen 15 Around high school girls who were exploring sexuality. Every episode of Mr. Mrs. Smith Episode 2 is independent with a guest star like John Turturro.

A funny action series that doesn’t take itself seriously, except when talking about couples. 8 episodes to find on Prime Video.

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