A monumental signing bonus for Mbappé?

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The suspense has been lifted, but the soap opera is not over yet. At the end of his contract with Paris Saint-Germain the following June, Kylian Mbappe announced to his president Nasser El-Khelafi as well as his teammates that he would not extend the venture in France. For the moment, there is no official communication about his departure, and therefore no one on his destination, although there is no doubt about it. He will sign up with Real Madrid, newspaper reported Brand Recently announced that the White House boss, Florentino Perez, had already slipped the word to some officials in his locker room.

A bonus of 150 million?

Soap operas now concern the conditions of this free departure. The player recently suggested that he had reached an agreement with his management so that they would not be hurt by a free departure, suggesting that he gave up part of his bonus, around €100 million, last summer. With Real Madrid committing to Spain without paying Paris Saint-Germain a cent, Kylian Mbappé could negotiate a bigger signing bonus. And according to information from BBC, the latter could be historic: 150 million euros will be paid over several years, with a salary of 15 million euros per person with part of his image rights. Good news for Parisians, because team Recently there were rumors that he will have to give a part of this bonus to his team as well. Something to please all camps?

In sum

By signing freely with Real Madrid, Kylian Mbappé should get an absolutely crazy signing bonus. In fact, we are talking about an estimated check of 150 million euros that will be paid over several years.

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