A major concern for France’s XV

Despite the victory in Scotland, the level of play shown by the Blues on day two of the Six Nations tournament is not reassuring, according to Vincent Moscato.

Eight days after a heavy slap at the velodrome against Ireland, France’s XV held its head high. In the trip to Murrayfield, the Blues actually won in the last minute (16–20), their victory only due to a personal exploit by Louis Billet-Barre and a very favorable decision by the match referee at the last minute. Insufficient in the eyes of Vincent Moscato, who did not hide his concern at the RMC microphone on Monday.

“Yes, I am worried. You won…” He added in a whisper: “We are no longer during the World Cup, we no longer have this team that has won the Grand Slam. The game fell apart a bit, the chaos of the World Cup and we’re not going to go back to that, we took an uppercut against South Africa and a huge hook against the Irish. There we go again, we almost lost but we won. But that doesn’t reassure you. At the level that the French team was in the last two years, you think you’ve gone backwards. You think you’re at the end of your rope when in this match you don’t carry it forward, you’re much less good at the back and their hinge is much better than yours.

It’s not a great match, it’s average

“You can’t do that and it takes personal exploits from Louis Beale-Bayer,” he continued. Somehow I’m happy but worried because it’s just, it’s steep. Once again, you don’t win because you scored but you win because others scored but the try was disallowed. » And in the eyes of the former front row, the complacency shown by the Blues, and in particular by Fabian Galthy, goes poorly given the circumstances of this narrow victory.

“As a coach, I understand that he is not interested in the material because it will give him a headache. Immediately, let him bask in the victory and then, during the week, move on to the content. Of course it will move towards content but we are still concerned.He said before laying the final layer: “ I don’t think we were better than them. At most, I think we were equal with them. Fate decided it for us, so good. If we had this referee against South Africa we would not have deprived ourselves. It’s not a great match, it’s average. That’s the average, that’s twelve out of twenty because the Scots are good.”

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