A guide to the top champions to pick in League of Legends

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Who ranks among the best League of Legends champions? It’s always a good idea to experiment with or expand your character roster. However, with over 100 champions available, deciding who to take into the arena can be challenging, even if you have a champion of choice. League of Legends (LOL) is known for its strategic battles and team coordination. League of Slots adds an exciting element of chance to the casino gaming experience, offering a unique blend of strategy and luck. To help you decide, this review outlines the best 5 League of Legends champions you can take to the Arena. Our compilation has champions suitable for both experienced players and beginners, taking into account different skill levels.

Orn (Best Top Lane Champion)

Orn stands out as one of the best tanks in LOL because he excels at both initiating combat and taking significant damage. He has a distinctive quality that complements his excellent engagement skills. His passive ability enables him to upgrade his teammates’ items to special versions, giving them special upgrades that cannot be purchased. At level 13, Orn not only strengthens himself but also improves his entire team, potentially giving them an edge over the opposing team.

Azriel (Bottom Lane Champion)

Ezreal, the Attack Damage Carry (ADC), has incredible mobility that sets him apart from other ADCs in the game. His unique ability to “jump” and versatile formations that deal both physical and magical damage make him a hybrid character. While Ezreal can be challenging to master, and he is comparatively “weak” at times, he remains relevant in the debate.

Spell-casting ADCs require more difficulty than their auto-attacking counterparts, and this champion serves as an excellent introduction. His W and Q provide an easy, long-range combo, and Arcane Shift allows him to evade incoming enemies or close the distance. His play style allows him to create space by jumping around and using spells to prevent enemies from closing in on carries. His skills also make it challenging for opponents to deal damage.

Victor (mid lane champion)

Viktor is a control mage who specializes in dealing significant damage during intense team fights. Although weak in League of Legends, Victor is a mage known for scaling over time. At the peak of the mid and late game, Victor becomes powerful enough to tear through the enemy team with area-of-effect (AOE) abilities. As the best mid-lane champion, this champion has spells that deal damage to anyone within a certain area rather than a single target. Through these damaging spells, Victor can establish separation, unleash powerful bursts of damage, and destroy the enemy, potentially turning the tide of a fight. Despite the lack of mobility, it still excels at controlling the pace of battle, making it an excellent choice for midlane.

Lee Sin (Jungle Champion)

Lee Sin is known as the best jungle champion in League of Legends. He uses a dynamic kit that helps him change the course of battle and secure important “picks” on team members. Lee excels at making plays and securing kills, preferring offensive maneuvers over tanking and damaging his carries. Mastering the LOL champion, the Blind Monk, has proven challenging. Lee Sin distinguishes himself from most champions with four active abilities; Its Q, W, and E all denote secondary casts. Despite its complexity, the payoff is massive, making Li Sin one of the most effective junglers in the early game.

Leona (Support Champion)

Leona is a tank support, and she is considered the best support champion in League of Legends. She excels at stunning enemy carry-in lanes and disrupting damage dealers, enabling her team to maximize leverage. Additionally, her ability to gain greater armor and magic resistance makes her a formidable force to be reckoned with. Despite being a relatively simple kit, she is one of the first supporters anyone should consider picking up.

For those who have played Leona, the joy of always being aggressive in lane is obvious. Directing the flow of the laning phase and engaging first with her E to stun the enemy ADC, allowing her partner to secure the kill, creates a unique experience. Leona’s playstyle resonates with players, contributing to her status as one of the most popular champions in LOL.

Choose the best champion for an exciting experience

League of Legends is constantly changing and features over 100 characters, each presenting a unique kit that impacts the game in a different way. It is not really possible to determine the best champion. However, the crucial aspect of the game lies in finding a champion that aligns with your play style. Finding a character that resonates with you and is enjoyable to play is not only the key to improvement but also the ultimate source of enjoyment in the game.

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