A former member of the Trump administration has died after a violent carjacking

Police officers in Washington DC
Andrew Caballero-Reynolds / AFP

Mike Gill, who served as an official at the American trade exchange regulator in the Trump era, died of his injuries on Monday, a week after being shot in the head.

attack “evil” And “brutal”According to Donald Trump. The victim was Mike Gill, a former member of the administration of the former President of the United States “Car Jacking” (with the theft of a vehicle on public roads or violence or threats against its driver) Last Monday, report our colleagues at Sky News and Fox 5, covering news specifically from Washington DC. He succumbed to his injuries a week later, this Monday. , February 5, after being critically injured in a gunshot wound by an assailant.

Mike Gill, a former regulator of the American Stock Exchange, was sitting in his car parked in a parking lot in northwest Washington, DC, when the suspect, Artel Cunningham, a 28-year-old man, attempted to enter the vehicle. Armed, the assailant opened fire and was allegedly hit “in the head” official, according to an account provided by Donald Trump on his platform, Truth Social. The thug quickly fled the scene before attacking others, including a 35-year-old man, Alberto Vasquez Jr., who he shot while driving his vehicle. He also attempted to steal a parked sedan, without success.

The assailant fired

Artel Cunningham was eventually identified minutes later, driving the stolen SUV. Officers seeking to arrest him encountered an assailant armed with two pistols. Finally the police shot him dead.

Mike Gill was pronounced dead on Monday, February 5. Donald Trump called him “Brilliant (…) He was a unique man. His family and friends are devastated.. The District of Columbia Board of Elections, on which Mike Gill served for many years, “true friend” In a press release. “His sudden departure leaves a void in our lives that can never be filled”His wife Christina Gill responded for his part.

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