A Cuban arrested for arms trafficking in the DR has been sentenced to 57 months in prison

Elicer Sori-Rodriguez, 51, a Cuban arrested in the country last year, US District Judge Robin L. Rosenberg was sentenced to 57 months in federal prison.

The man is accused of smuggling firearms from the United States into the Dominican Republic.

Sori Rodriguez conspired to purchase firearms under false pretenses and by “directing accomplices to purchase firearms on his behalf” by concealing them in boxes marked as household items, and shipping them to the Dominican Republic.

The allegation suggests that M/s. John Thomas Neal, Shane Seppersod, and William Iljik assisted Sori-Rodriguez in the conspiracy.

On November 30, Sori Rodriguez pleaded guilty to conspiracy to purchase firearms by false statement, three counts of purchasing firearms by false statement, smuggling firearms out of the United States and delivery of firearms to a common carrier without written notice.

Neal, Seppersaud and Iljik previously pleaded guilty to purchasing a firearm by false statement and were sentenced.

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