A 75-year-old Scottish woman says she plays Fortnite for more than 6 hours a day

Fortnite, one of the most popular video games, attracts young and old alike. This is evidenced by Cath Bowie, a 75-year-old Scottish woman, aka Grumpygran1948 (“Mamiegrincheuse1848” in French), who got caught up in the game. A person who describes himself as a big fan spends up to 6 hours a day. Playing in line, tells the BBC.

Spotted by American YouTuber SypherPK, she recently teamed up with him. The video, published two weeks ago, has received nearly 900,000 views and helped grow his community. He now has nearly 14,000 followers on live video streaming service Twitch.

His grandson introduced him to Fortnite

“When I first told my grandson that I was going to start streaming, he was horrified,” she told British media. He said to me: No one will follow you, no one will look at you. So of course now he doesn’t know what to say,” she continues, somewhat jokingly.

A Scottish woman started by her grandson fell into the Fortnite potion as soon as the game was released in 2017. “I went into his room and was intrigued by what I saw on the screen,” she explains. After three years of solitary practice, Dadi decided to join the team.

Repulsed by the “poisonous” words she heard, the septuagenarian began looking for partners who respected her terms. In her team, there was no question of using the word “kill”, for example, which she insisted on replacing with “eradicate”.

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