60 Million Consumers – According to Tuxboard this very popular rice is the worst for health

According to 60 million consumers this very popular rice is worst for health

Is the rice you eat good for your health? Here’s what 60 million consumers think about this well-known brand.

Not all rice in the market is the same! There is one brand in particular that has 60 million customers Recommend to avoid at all costs. Here’s what you need to remember.

Which rice to choose?

Consuming rice has many health benefits. First of all, he is an excellent companion If you want to stay in line.

Rich in carbohydrates, this cereal is also rich in fast sugars or slow sugars depending on the variety. If you want to lose weight for example, that Better to turn to brown rice.

Rice is also a source of fiber and vitamins. Especially group B vitamins which are known for their energizing properties.

On the other hand, this food is an excellent natural regulator of transport. Especially thanks to the fibers it contains. In case of diarrhoea, eating rice is often recommended.

Moreover, consumers have a greater choice of products in supermarkets. But are they all good for your health?

To find out, you can rely on a survey of 60 million consumers. There are many rice references on the shelves and the magazine did not hesitate to analyze them one by one.

Thai, organic or non-organic Basmati, Camargue rice and long grain rice… 60 million consumers Looked at the most popular brands These 3 types. To carry out their investigation, experts were interested in the presence of certain substances.

Like pesticides, aflatonics and inogarnic arsenic. Which are also controlled products with maximum levels set by the European Union.

x What 60 million customers recommend

The results of a survey of 60 million consumers regarding rice may surprise more than one. On the one hand, organic brands are the most popular of Thai rice.

It is the Carrefour brand that shines in the Basmati category. It also looks far ahead of more well-known brands like Taureau Ailé ​​for example. The latter is placed at the 3rd position.

On the other hand, the Rice Basmati has a very bad rating. Especially due to pollutants. According to 60 million consumers it is in fact the most contaminated rice.

“Fifteen years ago, growers added more productive varieties and moved to more intensive rice farming using pesticides. » CIRAD researcher Delphine Marie-Vivien explains in an interview for the magazine.

Thus, some of the rice tested contained high levels of pesticides. And the worst rice brand is the most popular in France, according to 60 million consumers.

This is Ben’s original brand. In the analyzed batch, tabuconazole was detected in the magazine. It is a fungicide and plant growth regulator.

The product is also under the watchful eye of the French Health Protection Agency. And for good reason: it’s potentially carcinogenic, mutagenic, and toxic all at once! Suffice it to say, you don’t want it to end up on your plate.

And that’s not all. This has also been revealed in a survey of 60 million consumers Presence of prohibited pesticides In the European Union.

So 60 million consumers recommend turning to Carrefour Extra Basmati rice. The latter is good value for money and gets good marks.

All categories combined, it scores a nice 18 out of 20. Compared to just 8 out of 20 for Ben’s original variety. So you know what you have to do!

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