3 symptoms that may appear in the morning

Cancer is the leading cause of premature death, ahead of cardiovascular diseases. For the year 2023, the number of new cancer cases is projected to be 433,136, according to the National Cancer Institute. The most common cancer in men is prostate cancer., followed by lung and colorectal cancer. In women, the first cancer is breast cancer, followed by colorectal cancer, then lung cancer.

Cancer worries health officials worldwide because This disease is gaining ground all over the world. According to a recently published study by the World Health Organization, cancer cases are expected to increase by 77% across the country by 2050. Air pollution is mainly responsible. Aging of the population as well as poor lifestyles like tobacco consumption and physical inactivity are also responsible for increasing the number of cancers.

Cancer: Early diagnosis is not always easy

Despite improvements in screening techniques, Some cancers are difficult to detect Due to the absence of symptoms in the early stages of the disease. However, certain signs that seem innocuous, when added together, should alert you.

Waking up with a persistent cough can indicate this serious illness

Asked by l’Express, Abbas Kanani, a pharmacist, revealed that people who wake up with a persistent cough may be suffering from cancer. Although it is common among smokers, a morning cough that lasts more than 2 weeks should prompt you to consult a health professional. The same applies if you have a sore throat for more than 2 weeks: you should consult as soon as possible.

Cancer: Waking up tired can be a symptom

In addition, pharmacists warn of being tired while awake. ” It’s normal to feel a little tired in the morning, but if this isn’t normal for you, or you notice that the fatigue lasts throughout the day, you should get it checked out. », the expert explained.

Night sweats can indicate cancer

Regular night sweats are also a concern. ” If you wake up in the morning and the bed is damp or wet with sweat, this indicates that you may have had a night sweat. “, the pharmacist explained. ” Get this checked out with your GP, especially if the night sweats are accompanied by fatigue, weight loss or bruising. »

Cancer: How to Reduce Your Risk?

According to the National Cancer Institute, half of all cancers can be prevented by making lifestyle changes. ” It is recommended not to smoke, moderate your alcohol intake, eat a varied and balanced diet, monitor your weight, and do regular physical activity. And avoid exposure to UV radiation », it is mentioned on the INCa website.

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