Roblox raises publicity rankings with video ad valleys, segmentation and buying strategy for next year.

Roblox recently unveiled a bold vision for its 2024 advertising strategy, highlighting new features for its immersive advertising hub. The online gaming platform is equipped with video features and contextual online orientations available through a self-service system.

Brands can now be found in-game to browse locations without having to create virtual experiences within the platform. However, starting next year, the purchase of video locations in the game will be allowed, which will be a significant step in the evolution of publicity in Roblox.

David Baszucki, chief executive of Roblox, expressed surprise at the progress made so far publicly and set out to build a strong advertising business that will fuel the company’s continued growth. While the focus is on the strength of the platform’s virtual economy, Roblox is also looking to expand its nascent shopping economy into the real world.

Due to the narrators’ interest in its young audience, Roblox limits ad viewing to users over 13 years of age, who make up 57% of its audience, equivalent to 39.9 million active daily users. Stephanie Latham, vice president of global associations, noted that Roblox’s advertising business is still in its infancy and makes a “very small contribution” to the company’s revenue.

Historically, Roblox’s advertising focus has been on promoting a brand’s activities and experiences on its platform. Without embargo, with the introduction of new functions, Brands can now be purchased in the style of advertising, regardless of experience in the game.. The expansion will include a video feature for all advertising channels in the game starting in the first quarter of 2024. These ads, which will play when users click on them, will also be able to offer rewarded video features such as branded accessories for avatars. in Game.

To compete with leading platforms such as Meta and TikTok in advertising channels, Roblox plans to contract with suppliers. video advertising experience in key sectors and develop brand awareness and third-party medical skills. You will also be looking for associations with DSPs, retailers, agencies and brands. The company will also improve segmentation capabilities, allowing commentators to target their campaigns to people classified as 17-year-olds and offer contextual targeting based on gender and gaming style.

In parallel, Roblox will expand its subscription offerings for game creators, allowing all creators on the platform to offer paid subscriptions. The company hopes to remove barriers to entry and drive growth in its advertising base over the next 12 months. While some of its more ambitious plans, such as ad-supported medicine and offering e-commerce for offline shopping, will still take time to materialize, Roblox is positioning itself as a platform for continued development and expansion in advertising and online gaming.

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