What are the analyst comments on Roblox Investor Day? Steam

Roblox (RBLX) will see a big event on its 2023 Investor Day on Wednesday highlighting the latest product innovations with a long-term focus.

Here are comments from Wall Street analysts:

BTIG analysts do not support a buy note and $48 per action price target on Roblox, saying they were sorted “initially with a clearer understanding of new product engines, image, rather than Roblox prévoit d’Etendre.” et d’améliorer son opération publicitaire’.

“The frames of reservations and border improvements indicate the need to interact with the attention of consensus, tout en tres reaisonnable in terms of the progress of publicity and the path of the basic border,” this will help. “Roblox is also a very important home for investors, with projections and information about its investors that provide a level of visibility in this regard that is not enough.”

Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS), which assigned a $30 weight and $30 price target to the stock, said the company is part of a strong long-term target.

“After the 23rd investor day, new long-term forecasts are based on caveats and focus on expanding markets. We will also get a clearer vision of the story. purchases are only 25, here are the key product areas to monitor, starting with service personnel as well as investments in RBLX,” said analysts at the investment bank, here he noted that the main obstacles to expanding the announced business are yet to be achieved.

The Citi analysts here are discounting the fact and the $51 price target for the title action, not stating their thoughts, and waiting for earnings for the consensus to price the soient revues à la hausse.

“As an ensemble, we are very excited about what we want to do for Investor Day,” on-ils écrit.

Roblox activities below 4% are only present in the youth session.

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