How to Get Dark Coloring in Blox Fruits

Roblox: Blox Fruit This is a game based on the popular anime one piece. In this experience, fans will have to do a lot of exploring and farming to become stronger. This guide will tell players how to obtain the Dark Coat, a mystical accessory that can greatly enhance fans’ stats. Its drop rate is low, so players will have to spend a lot of time to get it. In addition to a guide on how to obtain it, players will also learn the Dark Coat’s stats in Roblox: Blox Fruits.

Blox Fruits: How to Get Dark Wool

How to get dark wool from Blox Fruits (3)

To obtain this rare item, players will need to kill the Darkbeard boss, but its drop rate is only 2%, so players should be prepared to spend hours grinding it. Below, fans will find a step-by-step guide on how to obtain this mystical accessory.

How to get Fist of Darkness in Blox Fruits

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As mentioned above, to get the Dark Coat, you need to kill the Raid Boss Darkbeard. In turn, to summon this boss, users need to obtain the Fist of Darkness. IN Roblox: Blox Fruits, There are two ways to do this, and players can choose the most convenient one:

  1. Fist of Darkness can be obtained by killing sea beasts. In this case, the chance of dropping this item is 5%.
  2. The second option is to find the Fist of Darkness in one of the chests located around the map. But keep in mind that the Fist of Darkness only appears once every 4 hours.

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How to summon Darkbeard in Blox Fruits

How to get dark wool from Blox Fruits (2)

Once players have obtained the Fist of Darkness, they need to summon the raid boss Darkbeard to kill him. To do this, follow these steps:

  • First, fans should head to the Dark Arena in the Second Sea.
  • There they should find an altar.
  • And finally, to summon Darkbeard, you need to place the Fist of Darkness on the altar.

After this, players will have a fairly long fight and will most likely have to kill this boss multiple times, as the Dark Coat drop rate is only 2%.

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Dark coat statistics

All that hard work to get the Dark Coat is worth it because of the cool stats this item has. Fans can check the stats for this item below:

  • 600 Energy.
  • 600 health.
  • 15% more damage when using Blox Fruit attacks.

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