Sonic may have a future on mobile devices and Roblox after the success of the film

Success Sonic the Hedgehog the film led to Sega wanting to explore other ways to bring its most popular intellectual property to consumers. Of course, films are still in the plans. Beyond the big screen, the company is exploring different ways to breathe new life into its classic characters, whether through mobile game adaptations or collaborations within existing games.

As reported by CNBC, Sega COO Shuji Utsumi stated that “Sonic is reborn” after the success of the film was recognized. Additionally, Utsumi suggested that the team might consider bringing in Sonic To Roblox stating, “Like I said, we’re trying to be in a lot of different categories, different areas, like Roblox, movies. “Soon all those IP addresses may end up somewhere other than games.”

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