Roblox and The Sandbox: metaverses welcome SisalFunClub2024

The gaming app SisalFunClub2024, together with Valentino Rossi’s brand, VR46 Metaverse, offers new free sports entertainment in the metaverses of Roblox and The Sandbox.

Roblox and The Sandbox: Metaverses Welcome New Free Features SisalFunClub2024

New goal for SisalFunClub2024which opens the launch of its gaming application With debut of new impressions entertainment for sports fans, about the Roblox and The Sandbox metaverses.

Such an exciting experience they were created in collaboration with VR46 Metaverse, a company developing the VR46 brand in the field of games and web3.

And indeed, about the gaming metaverse Roblox, SisalFunClub2024 landed on Moto Island, experience dedicated to Valentino Rossi.

On sale, they are a series of game content, from a revamped main track to a challenging obstacle course. Thus, users who want to access SisalFunClub2024 will be able to test their driving skills on Moto Island.

About the sandboxInstead of, SisalFunClub2024 experience will be present in a completely new world ValeversWeb3’s first gaming experience dedicated to fans of Valentino Rossi.

Players will be able to visit the iconic SFC stadium, which, like in the SisalFunClub2024 app, becomes a stage where users challenge each other through quizzes and mini-games.

Roblox and The Sandbox: two metaverses and VR46 Metaverse collaborate with SisalFunClub2024

Thus, on Moto Island from Roblox and Valeverse from The Sandbox, users will be able to access new features of the SisalFunClub2024 gaming application for free.

In particular, the decision to focus on Moto Island and Roblox, a popular platform with more than 50 million daily players, fits perfectly into the innovative path of SisalFunClub2024. Actually, this is the goal broaden your horizons and resolutely focus on a new market segment: entertainment for pleasure.

However, in the case of Valeverse, as in SisalFunClub2024, fans of the Doctor can Show off your skills with missions and quizzes featuring the 9-time world champion.

Partnership between VR46 Metaverse and SisalFunClub confirm the joint efforts of two Italian mastersfrom an entertainment and innovation perspective, aiming to build the foundations for a bright future together in the name of fun and responsibility.

Waiting for cooperation

Earlier this month, when Valentino Rossi’s metaverse in The Sandbox officially opened its doors to fans of Web3 gaming, Valeverse was already expected VR46 Metaverse partnership with SisalFunClub.

And it was precisely for this debut that players were already offered other exclusive content from SisalFunClub.

Thus, the gaming app will start celebrating the launch of its 2024 versionwith an important presence in experience.

Due to this, the FallO’ween adventure is still ongoing in The Sandbox, which is a 30-day spooky adventure that offers 600,000 SAND as total prizes.

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