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Roblox is taking online communication a step further by announcing the inclusion of names on its platform through Roblox Connect, an immersive communication experience that features avatars of its users. This new feature is specifically designed for older users aged 13 years and older.

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The official unveiling of Roblox Connect will take place in September during the company’s annual development event (RDC23).

This feature allows users to call friends who show off their avatars in a virtual environment.. During these calls, users can see full-length avatars and move around the virtual space. Find and communicate with each other using your own voices recorded through a microphone.

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New this new year is based on voice chats and facial animation technology. Use the camera to record the user’s facial movements, such as facial movement and mouth opening, and then transfer them to the avatar in real time, providing a more immersive communication experience.

To ensure security and compliance with platform policies, Roblox Connect is only available to users over 13 years of age who have been verified by Edad. and the community allows you to verify your phone number as listed by the company on the dealer forum.

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Virtual reality in Roblox


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Roblox also announced the ability to integrate the feature with other capabilities through its API, allowing developers to combine different camera modes, environmental courses, and avatar actions (emotes) to personalize interactions in their games and experiences.

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Calling using Roblox Connect is available on both iOS and Android devices, as well as on the desktop version of the platform. They are available in countries where you have launched Roblox voice chat.

The company emphasizes that, as with the rest of the platform, the rules of use must be followed when making calls.

To maintain a safe and friendly environment, they have implemented moderation measures that detect spam and unwanted interactions, and provide the ability to block or delete contacts that do not adhere to stable guidelines.

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