Roblox includes immersive communication through calling with avatars.


Roblox has announced that it is bringing calling to its platform through Roblox Connect, an immersive user avatar communication system that is limited to over 13 years. Roblox Connect was unveiled in September at the company’s annual development event (RDC23). This feature allows direct communication between friends who display their avatars. During this call, users will see avatars of their bodies in a virtual space, where they can navigate to find each other and speak in their own voice, recorded using a microphone. This week was built around voice chats and facial animation technology, which uses a camera to record a user’s facial movements, such as closing their eyes and opening their mouth, to transfer them to an avatar. It is available to senior users over 13 years of age who have been verified for years and are included in the community by calling through phone number verification as detailed by the company on the dealer forum. Roblox has also lightened the feature’s API so that developers can incorporate it into their own experience and extend it by adding separate camera modes, environment courses, and performing emotes, which are actions that avatars create and that if activated by selecting an emoji. Calling with Roblox Connect is available on both iOS and Android, as well as the desktop version of the platform, and you can access it in countries where your chat is available. The company also noted that when making calls, you must follow the rules of use, as with the rest of the platform, and that there are many moderation measures that detect spam and unwanted interactions, as well as options for blocking or deleting contacts.

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