Some Roblox players are reporting that the platform is discontinuing games to benefit Palestine.

The platform negates this with its round shape.

Some Roblox players are reporting that the platform is discontinuing games to benefit Palestine.
Roblox is a platform where anyone can create their own video game and offer it to other users of the platform.

The case of Roblox in our industry is very specific.. Even if it is such a game, we are talking about a complete experience in which we can encounter many video games inside, many of which are developed by a team beyond our own Roblox, but also by many others who are interested in us thanks to your community. This has many benefits for both the user creating the game and the person using it. we can talk about a song from a video game.

However, not everything is as pleasant as it seems, and in many cases we are faced with what looks like minimalistic copies of some of the best games in history, so it is important to keep in mind that in Roblox you will explore people of all stripes, with their own interests and ideals, since these are the last Often you may be shocked by social norms.resulting in their games being removed.

In this case, we must proceed with some caution, since everything comes from the following X/Twitter post in which a user reported that Roblox had been deleted a game that was simply a peace march for Palestine. This caused a lot of outrage among users, but soon after, the company responsible for Roblox, in a press release offered by Kotaku, decided that the game would still be available on its platform, which is absolutely certain.

Moreover, it is certain that the user will also cause controversy because I was warned about using the phrase “FREE PALESTINE”., which means “Free Palestine”. After the post, it ignored community norms in the same manner, which forced him to use political proclamations, which greatly angered users. Later, the same company responsible for the platform came to clarify that This particular sentence does not violate society’s norms in any way.because this message must be an error.

The outrage is palpable.

As we have seen, the situation is truly convulsive, namely that many people play Roblox because they have been practically banned from all local shows in the Palestinian community. We don’t know if it just happened, but our people in charge decided to go back and then refuse the mayor, or if it really didn’t happen at some point and a series of errors occurred.

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