Where to get DMZ cigar boxes in CoD Warzone

Increasing your DMZ equipment level might be difficult if you don’t know where to look. Dedicated DMZ players know this. There are so many resources, and if you run out, it may be harder to remember where to obtain it than to pick it up off the planet.

Cigar boxes may not always follow this rule. Because they present on all DMZ maps, the option is yours, but the map with the most spawn spots is the hardest to survive in. First, we’ll review your options, then we’ll recommend the least unpleasant approach to get the information you need.

Which Call of Duty: Warzone maps include cigar boxes?

Cigar Boxes are most likely between Al Mazrah and Ashika Island. Even though they both have reliable spawns, you should approach gathering stuff from them differently. Survival is more on picking up objects rapidly than how hard it is.

On Al Mazrah, buildings around Port Hafid and other seaside POIs may have spawning. Al Sharim Pass may also hide some. Since they are scattered, it may take some time to scavenge among the buildings like a tobacco-hunting vulture to finish your collection.

Check the supply crates of any vessels you see to check if they have any. This route is simpler than the Resurgence maps, but progress is slow, so be prepared to grind out a few drops.

Despite its size, Ashika Island seems to have more Cigar Box spawning. However, discovering one is unusual. They can also be discovered in duffel bags, supply boxes, and artificial intelligence treasure drops, but the fastest and easiest way to collect them is to explore the lockers beneath Tsuki Castle or empty a Stronghold.

Cigars may not appear intriguing, but building your cache is one of the most vital parts of becoming more strong in DMZ, thus you need nine of them to fulfil the second cache Expansion.

where to find DMZ cigar boxes in Call of Duty: Warzone?

VerdanskAirportLook for DMZ cigar boxes in hangars and storage buildings near the Airport.
VerdanskMilitary BaseExplore the barracks, command center, and other military structures in the Military Base area.
VerdanskFactoryCheck warehouses and offices within the Factory area for DMZ cigar boxes.
VerdanskPortSearch cargo containers, storage rooms, and offices near the Port for cigar boxes.
VerdanskTV StationInvestigate the TV Station building and its surrounding structures for DMZ cigar boxes.
Rebirth IslandPrison BlockLook for cigar boxes in cells, offices, and corridors within the Prison Block on Rebirth Island.
Rebirth IslandChemical EngineeringExplore the Chemical Engineering area on Rebirth Island for cigar boxes.
Rebirth IslandNova 6 FactorySearch for cigar boxes inside the Nova 6 Factory and adjacent buildings on Rebirth Island.

The Best DMZ Cigar Box Growing Method

This tournament is won by Ashika Island. Since POIs are closer together, you’ll save time even if you only survive 50% of your runs. This applies even if you die many times attempting to reach Exfil. Al Mazrah seems uninteresting compared to the Beach Club, Tsuki Castle, and Strongholds, which provide unmatched alternatives.

Shorter game durations let you join and depart games faster and overtake those on the opposite map seeking them.

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