According to Cyber Security Connect, an Australian cybersecurity media outlet, a ransomware gang known as “” is responsible for hacking “every system” at Sony.

Since September 2023, the ransomware known as has been in operation. According to Cyber Security Connect, the group “has connections to forums and groups on the dark web in the past.” claims access to 6,000 files held by Sony as proof of the attack. These data include a snapshot of Sony’s internal login page, an internal PowerPoint presentation document containing test benchmark information, and various Java files. It is said that it has progressed to that point.

Paid the ransom declares, “We have successfully compromised all of Sony’s systems.” ”We will not hold Sony hostage and demand a payment from them! The information that was stolen via hacking is going to be put up for sale.” We are in the data sales business. “We sell data,” he added, emphasising that the data taken via hacking would be utilised for sales, not for demanding ransom payments. “We sell data in a variety of formats,” he continued.

The 6,000 files that were decrypted by Ransomed and made comes with an unidentified build log file, a collection of Java resources, and a substantial quantity of documentation that also contains HTML data. The majority of the documentation is written in Japanese. Paid the ransom.VC does not reveal the selling price of the data; nevertheless, given that the “posting date” is September 28th, there is a potential that the data will be released if a buyer for the data is not found by this time. VC does not disclose the selling price of the data. There is that.

It would seem that is both an operator of ransomware as well as an organisation that offers ransomware as a service. In other words, in addition to large-scale hacking of big corporations, we also provide services that disclose vulnerabilities and legal breaches in corporate systems while maintaining compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union and other data privacy regulations. It would seem to be the case. is reportedly a ransomware group that is active in both Russia and Ukraine, as reported by gaming media VGC. ” utilises the law to coerce victims into submission,” according to a study by Cyber Security Connect.

At the time that this story was being written, Sony had not disclosed that it had been the target of a hacking attack. The international gaming publication Kotaku had contacted Sony for comment, but the company had not responded at the time that this item was being written.

It is not the first time that Sony has been the victim of a massive hacking attack. The PlayStation Network was the victim of a significant security breach in 2011, which resulted in the loss of online capability for all users and the compromising of around 77 million registered accounts. ”It does not appear like it will inflict as much harm as the PlayStation Network attack that took place in 2011,” adds Kotaku, given that the quantity of files that can access is fewer than 6,000.

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