Heavily Memed Detail Removed in Cyberpunk 2077 Update 2.0

According to early player assessments of the update, the 2.0 patch for Cyberpunk 2077 has removed one aspect of the game that was far too heavily memed. This particular aspect was an image that had been carelessly edited in some way. The highly anticipated 2.0 edition of Cyberpunk 2077 was made accessible to the general public for the first time on September 21.

One of the most talked about aspects of the game, despite the fact that its release in 2020 was beset by technical issues, was not actually the result of a bug but rather an oversight in the form of a photograph that had been improperly modified. This was despite the fact that the release of the game in 2020 was plagued by technical problems. V received the image in question from River Ward’s sister, Joss Kutcher, after finishing the Cyberpunk 2077 side objective “The Hunt.” V is the protagonist of the game. The photograph was accompanied with a statement that thanked the main character for discovering Randy Kutcher; however, the authenticity of the message was called into question due to the plainly faked nature of the photograph that was attached.

They did it, they changed River photo!!!
byu/sherlotka-2137 incyberpunkgame

And in spite of the fact that a lot of players were under the impression that CD Projekt Red would never get around to replacing that remaining placeholder, the developer ended up getting around to doing it. The corporation decided to replace the image that had caused the player’s immersion to be broken with a montage that was significantly more spectacular than the one that had been used previously. The fact that the action is not listed in the official patch notes for the Cyberpunk 2077 update 2.0 gives the impression that the most recent version of the game offers even more improvements than its extensive changelog says it does because of the absence of those patch notes.

i usually overlook cyberpunks problems, but this is just disgusting
byu/normal__ incyberpunkgame

Already, hundreds of Randy’s devoted followers have taken to various social media platforms to express their gratitude to CDPR for altering the image that many had referred to as a “cursed” depiction of Randy. They expressed their gratitude to the game’s developer for taking the effort to fix even the most insignificant issues of this nature within the game. Other players, however, have expressed conflicted feelings regarding the replacement, stating that they would mourn the unexpected comedic relief that the photo that was highly memetized provided throughout each game. While this viewpoint appears to be prevalent among the players who are aware of the change, other players have nonetheless stated conflicted sentiments regarding the replacement.

In addition, as part of the 2.0 update for Cyberpunk 2077, CDPR removed a character that was a doppelganger of Elon Musk. This was another insignificant change that was not included in the latest patch notes; nonetheless, astute members of the fandom noticed it immediately upon its implementation. In the end, both updates are extremely modest additions to the game, at least in comparison to the sheer vastness of the 2.0 version, which affects sufficient components of Cyberpunk 2077 to create a dramatically different experience when playing the game. In other words, the 2.0 update is the most significant of the three updates.

The most recent list of changes prioritises carrying out significant changes to the way the judicial and law enforcement systems operate. Because to this reform, the North Carolina State Police will no longer be able to produce new officers out of thin air; instead, the department will concentrate on providing more realistic patrols and police responses to crimes. This version introduces non-scripted vehicle combat and a fully redesigned perk system, in addition to a large number of other adjustments.

Keeping this in mind, the following is the precise date and hour that Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty will be released for the PC:

  • Monday, September 25 at 7:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)
  • Monday, September 25th, 6:00 PM Central Daylight Time (CDT)
  • Monday, September 25th, at 4 pm (PDT) on the West Coast of the United States
  • Mexico: September 25th, 5:00 PM (Central Standard Time)
  • Monday, September 25th, 8:00 PM Brasilian Time (BRT)
  • United Kingdom: September 26 at midnight (British Summer Time)
  • Europe: September 26 at 1 a.m. Central European Summer Time (CEST)
  • Tuesday, September 26 at 1 a.m. South African Standard Time (SAST)
  • Tuesday, September 26, at three in the morning (GMT), United Arab Emirates
  • Tuesday, September 26th, 7 am China Standard Time (CST)
  • Tuesday, September 26, at 8:00 a.m. local time in South Korea
  • Tuesday, September 26th, 8:00 AM Japan Standard Time (JST)
  • Tuesday the 26th of September, 9:00 AM Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)
  • Tuesday the 26th of September at 12pm (New Zealand Daylight Time)

The new update for Cyberpunk 2077, version 2.0, is largely intended to act as a prologue to the role-playing game’s first and only expansion, Phantom Liberty, which stars Idris Elba. The prologue will be available to players once they have completed the base game. On September 26, downloadable content with a price tag of $29.99 will be made available for purchase on PC and consoles of the generation that is now in use.

Cyberpunk 2077 can be played on personal computers, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S consoles. However, the game’s 2.0 upgrade is only available on personal computers and consoles from the current generation.

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