Will doors return in Modern Warfare 3? Latest leaks worries the community

Published: 2023-08-22T10:04:44

Updated: 2023-08-22T10:04:50

The latest Modern Warfare 3 leaks have thrown the community into disarray as the doors could return to the Call of Duty 2023 title.

For many years the saga of call of Duty they made some pretty risky design decisions, and some fell short of their desired goal. For example, Modern Warfare 2 removed the “Ninja” perk, red dots on minimaps, and the unswipe feature. Against the background of dissatisfaction, Sledgehammer Games restored the trust of members of the community by reversing all three changes for Modern Warfare 3.

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As for other controversial innovations, most classic COD games don’t have many multiplayer gates, but that’s changed with Modern Warfare (2019). The novelty made the doors appear on the maps and allowed us to open, close and look through them. However, problems arose when players camped outside the gate or attached claymores to the other side.

Many expected Modern Warfare 3 to end the doors of Call of Duty, but a recent leak suggests otherwise.


Modern Warfare 3 players scared of door mechanics

On August 21, CharlieIntel reported, “There are rumors that 2009 Modern Warfare 2 maps converted to Modern Warfare 3 may have doors, as we’ve seen on maps in recent Modern Warfare games.” This leak came from MW2Ghostfamous leader of the saga.

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While leaks should be treated with caution until there is official confirmation, many already fear the worst.

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Just when we thought they were going to give us everything we wanted“, – wrote the user. “They are obsessed with adding doors for no reason.added another.

The main criticism relates to the fact that the doors break the rhythm of the game. As a third member of the community explained:They slow down the game. People hide and camp outside the doors with their claymores. It’s slow and boring“.

Luckily, MW2 introduced a drilling fee to counteract this practice by vacationers. Lethal gear sticks to one surface and sets off an explosive device on the other side, perfect for clearing rooms.

The article continues after the announcement.

So while Modern Warfare 3 has doors, at least there are more ways to deal with pesky tourists than before.

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