What’s to watch on CCCGO and on streaming platforms?


godzilla vs kong

HBO, at 17.47

At a time when monsters are roaming the earth, humanity’s fight for its future puts Godzilla and Kong on a collision course, as two of the most powerful forces on the planet collide in a spectacular battle. When Monarch embarks on a perilous mission into unexplored territory and searches for clues to the origins of the Titans, an evil human plot to destroy the face of the Earth forever has created giants of both good and evil, and some even stronger creatures. threatens to way.

my best friend’s Wedding

TNT, at 20.19

Food critic Julian Potter discovers she is in love with her best friend on the same day he announces he is going to marry a high society lady. You now only have three days to make a plan that will allow you to stop the wedding.

Mission: Impossible – Secret Nation

Sony, at 23.30

After the CIA shuts down their elite organization, Agent Ethan Hunt and his team must race against time to stop the Syndicate, a deadly network of traitors. To curb this global threat, Ethan must unite his powers with a dark and disgraced agent whose loyalties are called into question when he faces his most impossible mission yet.

Amazon Prime


The series is inspired by the first novel published by Mickey Boliter and follows the story of a high school student whose life changes after the death of his priest. Due to her mother’s hospitalization in rehabilitation, she has to stay in her aunt’s care for some time. But things will take an unexpected turn when you find yourself surrounded by a mystery that could put everything on the table for you to judge.


poker face

Charli Cale is a girl who has a special ability to tell when someone is lying. After the mysterious assassination of her best friend, she will use her skills to uncover the truth behind the tragic incident, not knowing that it will mark a before and after in her chaotic life. The series was nominated for four Emmy Awards.

Cine.AR Play

the stars

The Aguilar brothers, descendants of the famous and forgotten Cuarteto Aguilar, found the sound band for the only Surrealist film ever shot in Argentina, “Tarreira: La bohemia de hoy”, which premiered in 1936. The production is directed by Amparo González Aguilar, available in the Estreños section.



The series follows the story of a 12-year-old boy who, after surviving a freak accident, discovers that he has Jesus-like powers. But will he be the leader humanity needs?

Four Argentina appearances by Pablo Trapero

Part of the filmography of Argentine director Pablo Trapero has come to the stage. “Mundo Grua”, “Leonera”, “Carancho” and “Elefante Blanco” are the four seminal films of Argentine cinema of the last quarter of a century. Trapero currently directs the International Series.

call me by your name

Elio Perlman (Timothée Chalamet) is a young man who spends his holidays in northern Italy with his priests in a house where he compulsively studies and works on his scores, as the piano is his great passion. One day there arrives Oliver (Armie Hammer), a student who cooperates with his priest in his investigation and with whom Elio instantly falls in love. For his remarkable performance, Chalamet became one of Hollywood’s young stars and was nominated for an Oscar. Directed by Luca Guadagnino in 2017, it is an adaptation of André Aciman’s Egyptian novel, which has become a phenomenon.


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