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‘El indomitable Will Hunting’ was the film that changed the careers of Hollywood stars before and after.

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were 25 and 27 when they wrote the famous movie together l untamed will hunt in 1997. a film directed by Gus Van Sant that received great acclaim from critics, which allowed him to win an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay And with them our dear Robin Williams, who died in 2014, won the first and only Oscar of his career. that’s a deal The careers of both marked a before and after, becoming important figures in the industry in Hollywood And, in Affleck’s case, behind the camera as well, as a film director.

It was Matt Damon who started working on the script l untamed will hunt, I did it as part of university work and, although only a small part was left for the final version, it was the starting point for a phase of his life that he would be most proud of. With his friend Ben Affleck, whom he had known for 10 years and with whom he had been inseparable since working as an extra on the film. private school (1992) by Brendan Fraser, completed the script in 1994 and embarked on the adventure of trying to get it out early. The idea was good: write a great screenplay to bet the lower movie studios to star in them.Thereby, they will get the necessary impetus in their career, unless there are small roles and lack of opportunities.

However, Affleck and Damon were on top from the very first moment that they needed a big name to team up with their subjects. an idea that came from the same Quentin Tarantino, whom he deeply admired reservoir Dogs, It was his first project, but in addition to its plot and talent, being able to rely on Harvey Keitel helped a lot.

“At that time there was a very popular film which mesmerized all of us reservoir Dogs, Quentin Tarantino’s first film. And the story that we all heard was that because of Harvey Keitel being in the movie Quentin, I think, I could count half a million dollars. It was his idea and he could make the movie”, Damon explained in an in-depth interview. QA In 2021.

So we wrote the role that eventually got me Robin (Williams) and we called it Harvey Keitel. We were looking for an actor who could pay us because Ben and I wanted to star in the film and we knew we were worthless. That’s why we needed to include a great name

However, the first name he thought of was not Williams, who was very famous at the time and had acted jumanji, hook hey dead poets club, among many others. “We wrote the role really open … We knew that if Morgan Freeman or Denzel Washington wanted to come and play it, we could fit in … If Meryl Streep accepted the role, the father-son relationship Instead, it could be a mother and son. So we really left it open because we wanted to cover as widely as possible”.

┬┐Comeo Lego Entente Robin Williams A l untamed will hunt, What marked the before and after was the casting of Matt Damon as the protagonist. valid defense by Francis Ford Coppola, who had already worked with Williams Jack And it was suggested to the newspaper.” Robin had just Jack With Francis Ford Coppola. After he read the script and really enjoyed it, his only question to Coppola was: ‘Who are these types?

The rest is history, but the game was goalless. The film, which eventually spun off at Miramax, raised $225 million for Tequila against its take of $10 million.

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