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The two got divorced on August 17 last. Britney Spears or Sam Asghari, Since then, many reasons have been speculated as to why the relationship may have ended. The last few months of living together were very stressful and complicated for the couple, who will marry in June 2022.

A source close to TMZ indicated that the 29-year-old may have known about his alleged infidelity, which led to a heated argument and left the man in question. Asgari has assured her accusers that she believes the superstar cheated on her with a housekeeper who worked at the mansion.

The news never ceases to make headlines across the globe. For this reason, the artist wanted to tell his version of the pieces a few days ago. “I have always tried to present myself as strong and on my Instagram it may look like everything is perfect but it is far from the reality and I believe we all know that.”the actress wrote on her network.

But, it was on Instagram where he wanted to see how the breakup was affecting him. Unsurprisingly, it can be said that Spears is taking it with great pleasure, as the second thing she wanted to do was to see her followers throw a party with “all my favorite boys” where the ballerina is let loose.

The publication compiles a series of videos that show different situations of the strangest things that happened during the evening. En el primero se puede ver a como uno de los «amigos» de la impresario le lem la la pierna hasta leger a la cadera. Another notable moment was when four shirtless men stood at the edge of the swimming pool. No doubt, as he identified in the message accompanying the Grabaciones, “Jugue all night”.

Asimismo, after that unexpected and special night, Spears decided to gift her 42 million followers another type of content, a more candid one. In it, you can see a few clips of the songstress posing semi-nude while she is lying back on the bed, covering herself with a sheet, with the theme ‘I put a spell on you’. Annie Lennoxbackground.


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