These are the locks that will take longer to fall

This happens every year. After the holidays, Muchas de Nosotras Cogemos quotes in the beloved to renew the hair with a hair cut that fixes the hair and, very likely, a nice change in color. And, if you’re on the mechas team, what we’re about to tell you is interesting. Why After all, they’re going to lock up the balayage…

In fact, we’ve compiled other locks that are winning beauty salons right now too and you shouldn’t miss out. Do you want to know which are they? our head stylist and the experts in locks from Backstage BCN Salon, Alberto Guenter, Give us the keys

Fur color trends 2023 video

What’s trending in Locks 2023?

it will take over in 2023 ease, which highlights hair-lightening locks with a more subtle finish, which also allows for longer-distance maintenance. These are locks that avoid too much contrast at the root. Also if you want to give locks glossy finishThrough acid bath which helps in color correcting.

In this group of nature-seeking locks, of course, balayage locks In terms of fashion, the bell remains a must and is combined with other techniques. babylights To obtain different effects in dyeing. Besides, they melting locks They will continue to be a growing trend because of the ripple effect.

For the trendiest and boldest, highlight high contrast locks like highlights, Las penny locks Las thick locks,

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