The Right One: What We Know About Season 2 on Netflix

the chosen one is on netflix

the chosen one is on netflix

Newcomer to Netflix’s Brazilian catalog, the series O Alito reached the top 10 of most watched series on the platform in Brazil in recent days. But does this mean we’ll see a second season? not necessarily.

Jody, a 12-year-old boy living in Mexico, discovers that he has Jesus-like powers. Now, it is up to him whether he accepts this call or not”, states the official synopsis of The Chosen One on Netflix.

The Chosen One – The Chosen One, in the original title – is based on Mark Millar’s comic “American Jesus”. The adaptation is signed by the duo of Everardo and Leopoldo Gout.

Below we reveal whether The Chosen will have a second season on Netflix.

A selected poster.

Will there be a second season of The Chosen?

At the time of writing, The Right One is yet to be renewed by Netflix for a second season.

Since the series was recently released on Netflix, we are not surprised that no news has arrived.

In the coming weeks, Netflix will be tracking how the series performs. If it performs well, it will be highlighted in the top ten figures globally, which Netflix updates weekly.

Early signs of a good start for the series included entering the US top ten at number 8 after only a few days.

For now, we’ll follow the weekly data and from there we can determine how likely the chosen one is to renew.

Now you can watch all 6 episodes of O Alito in the Brazilian Netflix catalog.

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