The most important news of August 21 in Mexico


Tropical cyclone approaches Gulf of MexicoBy the end of the week, northeast Mexico will receive heavy rain due to the potential impact of the cyclone earlier this week.


Creel confirms he’s ruled out in favor of Xochitl Gálvez: This is the third time that Panista is trying to represent the opposition on the way to the presidential election.

Bone remains found in building linked to missing person case in Lagos de Moreno: At that location they also secured edged weapons, knives, a chainsaw, as well as several bone fragments.

Armed command attacked and locked up Miguel Bose at his home in CDMX: The singer and his men who were working with him were locked in a room while people ransacked the house.

To whom textbooks in the Chiapas community; SEP’s educational content director blames PRI, PAN and PRD: In the Tzotzil community of San Antonio del Monte, Chiapas, family priests burn new textbooks to show their disapproval.

Zoey Robaldo decides to go back to IMSS to run for the government of Chiapas: It was said in the morning press conference that this would end the health challenge.


Despite his legal problems, Trump has a 23-point lead over DeSantis: Trump is the first choice of 42% of likely people attending the convention of the 14 Republican candidates.

Greg Abbott leads the Rio Bravo set boys towards US territory: The day comes when he appears in a federal court to defend his anti-immigration methods.

Volodymyr Zelensky assures in Copenhagen that ‘Russia will lose this war’ and thanks for delivery of F-16sDuring a visit to Copenhagen, Zelensky assured that if the Russian invasion was successful, other regions of Europe would be threatened by the Kremlin’s military aggression.


Frena Minister of the Supreme Court distributes free textbooks in Coahuila: Minister Luis María Aguilar allowed a suspension in the constitutional dispute that has fueled the Coahuila government.

Without air conditioning, Saltillo’s family pays up to 2,000 pesos! of electricity: The house is located in a popular area and its vehicles pay an average of 380 pesos every two months.

If a tropical cyclone brings heavy rain to Coahuila; Alert for shortage and flood in these municipalities: This month strong rain will come in the unit in the afternoon and it is expected that it will continue till the children.

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Reliving the Drama on Netflix! This Is Amber Heard’s Mexican Boyfriend Who Defended Her In Court Against Johnny Depp: Did you know that Alejandro Monteverde was Amber Heard’s boyfriend? With the premiere of the documentary, the controversial Juicio has once again joined the ranks of streaming subscribers’ favorite shows.

¿Cerveza Saltillo Soccer? This would be a reality for all coyotes!: The new drink, which has an alcohol content of 3.9%, will be available for all competitions at the Olympic Stadium next October to support the ‘double S’.

Suenna Miley Cyrus Will Be The Star Of The 2024 Super Bowl Mid-Time Show Adios To Harry Styles And Bad Bunny!: From The Social Network, names like Harry Styles and Bad Bunny have been dropped, but the former Disney star ‘remains’ at the top of possibilities.


➔ Weekly | Low levels of employment, migration and workers in La Laguna: In 10 years, the number of universities in the region increased by 41%, and the number of graduates also increased.

➔ Utility | On this return to classes… ASI, BUS, You can download Birth Certificate and CURP Certificate in PDF: Here we tell you how you can get the documents to enroll your children in the school facing the 2023-2024 school cycle.

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