The mayor of Vejera (Cádiz) demands an “urgent” meeting with the Ministry of Health due to the presence of a mosquito that causes West Nile virus – Society

Vejer Mayor Antonio González (PSOE) has requested an “urgent” meeting with the Territorial Delegation of Health and Consumption in the province of Cadiz due to the presence of Nile virus mosquitoes in that municipality, which was confirmed last Monday by a board from Andalusia.

Gonzalez expressed his “concern and discomfort” over the news, which he stated had come to light “from the media”.

Upon learning this information, the city council explained in a note that the mayor “actively” sought to liaise with the territorial health delegation to speak with its delegate, Eva Pajares, and obtain details of areas where the presence of these insects was detected, in order to conduct city council events and establish recommendations for the population.

“Unfortunately, the response received is inconsistent with the circumstances, as the city council is urged from this administration to request said information call with a delegate for registration,” criticized the mayor, who found it “incomprehensible” that such a question “and against the backdrop of our municipality, where, unfortunately, even the neighbors have died, we do not receive an immediate response.”

The mayor stressed that the health of his neighbors “does not understand political colors” and that he does not understand “this disloyalty” of the Junta of Andalusia due to the fact that it does not communicate with them as with the administration closest to the citizens.

Faced with this situation, the Vejer City Council demanded an “urgent” meeting with the Territorial Health Delegate, Eva Pajares, and proposed the creation of a working group that would include public health experts from the City Council. and other stakeholders in order to take “concrete actions to address this issue” and provide “clear and accurate” information to the people of Vejeria.

The latest report from the General Directorate of Public Health and Pharmaceutical Regulation of the Ministry of Health and Consumption regarding trappings conducted between August 7 and 11 revealed a significant increase in population density of female mosquitoes potentially carrying West Nile virus. This situation was classified as Grade IV in Barbate with over 1000 mosquitoes and Grade II in Vejer with between 100 and 500 mosquitoes.

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