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Last Sunday, August 20, in the city of Riyadh, the closing of the Counter Strike tournament at Gamers8 took place, where Team Vitality became the champions of the tournament. All the details are here!

OuchFrance at the top Counter Strike hand Team viability!. The European team beat the Finnish team from ON V super final belonging gamers8 from CS:GO. The French claimed the prize $400,000 and won their third title of the year, remember they were made from the name in IEM Rio V April And Paris Major V Maybe.

For now, after what was the initial round eighth And quarterfinalthis past weekend we lived in Saudi Arabia obligations semi-final, super final And show match Special controversy in the expected counter strike 2.

From key 1 we were shocked heroic against. ON for semi-finished products. Both organizations, originating from Scandinavian Peninsulathey fought fiercely for the first map of the series, nuclear bombwho needed double over time determine its winner: it was 22-20 in favor ON. Then, to top it all off, the Finns showed solidity in over the pass pick it up 16-5.

On the other side, Viability you should have seen their faces G2 eSportsa team that was one of the favorites to stay with gamers8. The competition didn’t disappoint. 3 cards Planned. They are over 16-12 V hell, 10-16 V Anubis And 19-15 V Mirage were necessary for Viability get access to super final.

In a relationship determining party carried out in Riyadh City Boulevard from Saudi Arabia, Team viability And ON They were the main characters. As throughout the competition, the fight was played in moderation 3 cards (Bo3). The French victory came, but not before it had to be fought for.

First card Anubisremained in the hands ON To 16-7 and it seemed that the trend was turning towards those of North Eastern Europe. However, the French, returning to the definition in Mirage (16-12) And nuclear bomb (16-9) due to the contribution of the star Zyvu With 66 kills and ended +/- from +22.

On the last day of the competition, show match special with various personalities from the professional scene Counter Strike V Bo1 disputed in CS2. On the one hand, we had Team KennyS (Falcon Team): ropz (Clan FaZe), XCERATO (FURY), Zikert ( And Hades (9IN) against Team PashaBiceps: failure (FURY), twistzz (Clan FaZe), BOROS (Team Falcons) And syuush (Heroic). The captain won Kennis V 16-5 V over the pass.

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