Taylor Swift fans complain after 123miles promotional ticket is suspended: ‘It’s too much pain’ tourism and travel

Enzo Rodrigues in honor of Taylor Swift’s 13-year career – Photo: Personal Archive

In a note, on Friday (18), the company announced the cancellation of the flexible dates line, adding that the measure would affect shipments scheduled between September and December this year. The indicated period coincides with the singer’s tour of Brazil, which will take the stage on November 18, 19, 24, 25 and 26.

Milena Ramos, a resident of Recife (PE), is one of the fans affected. For years after the singer’s career with the most albums topping the Billboard list, the English teacher feared not getting new tickets in time.

“I have never traveled with the company, but I follow several profiles that indicate 123 miles (…). I was on the bus when I heard about the suspension of packages. At that time , I went into shock. I thought I would lose my money, show (…) Now, I have already asked for the voucher and I am going to buy tickets directly from the airline”, he said.

Milena Ramos bought a seven-night promotional package at 123 Milhas – Photo: Personal Archive

To G1, the fan also revealed that she bought a seven-night promotional package as she would take advantage of the trip to meet friends and get to know Rio de Janeiro.

In total, Milena distributed R$ 2,200.00. However, since requesting the 123 Miles credit, he has only received three vouchers worth BRL 731.00.

Enzo Rodríguez, also a dental student, was surprised to have his airline ticket suspended. A resident of Salvador (BA), together with her boyfriend, bought four tickets from the promo line, which cost about one thousand reais.

Unlike Milena, the student said she did not receive a response from 123 Milhas. Afraid of missing shows and staying in hotels, she bought new airline tickets as soon as she heard about the suspension.

“Before the tour was announced, we already wanted to go to Rio. Very good prices attracted our attention. At first I was also surprised, but we bought it (…) One to understand what to do Talk to a lawyer”, Enzo said.

Enzo Rodrigues had trouble getting tickets for The Eraze Tour – Photo: Personal Archive

In addition to the inconvenience with the travel agency, the fan recalled the difficulties he faced when purchasing tickets for the tour. Even away from money changers and long queues outside the Nilton Santos Allianz Parque stadium, they dealt with other problems: power shortages and an overloaded system.

“Look, being a Taylor fan is excruciating (…) It was already hard on the day of buying tickets! I woke up very early and saw the power was off at home, I went to my boyfriend’s clinic and the internet was down. In the end, it worked,” he recalled.

123 Milhas’ decision resonated among Internet users. On Twitter, fans of the singer complained and recalled the agony they experienced when purchasing tickets for “The Eras Tour”.

According to a statement published on the 123 Milhas website, the measure was taken “due to the persistence of adverse market conditions”.

The company explained that it is fully refunding the amount paid by customers through “monetary correction of 150% of vouchers plus CDI, above inflation and market interest rates”.

According to the travel agency, such vouchers can be used across 123 Milhas products. However, it did not clarify whether there would be cash back for use beyond its services.

123 Mile: See Consumer Rights

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