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Sci-fi film noir creates a sinister vision of the future that influenced later works such as The Matrix and Inception.

When it comes to the hazy fantasy of the future and the uncertainty between reality and the world of illusion, science fiction fans probably think of the first matrix, However, a year before the Wachowski sisters’ revolutionary milestone, city ​​of shadowsby Alex Proyce, left its mark and even influenced works that came much later, such as Originalwith Leonardo DiCaprio.

city ​​of shadows It was a box office failure, but became a classic.

In the story of the film, the main character John Murdoch (Rufus Sewell) wakes up in a futuristic city with no name and no memories. While being hunted by mysterious pursuers, he learns of the city’s dark secrets and the so-called “Outsiders”.

With a budget of $27 million, city ​​of shadows It recouped that budget worldwide when it was released in theaters in 1998, but did not do much beyond that and was ultimately classified as a box office flop. However, Prias’ work has been rediscovered over the years and is now regarded as an iconic film of the genre.

science fiction vision of city ​​of shadows inspired later films

According to an article at Slash Film, the Wachowski sisters saw an unreleased version of city ​​of shadows while they were still working matrix, How was Peter Doyle involved as a painter? matrix it is city ​​of shadowsThe visual similarities are also no coincidence.

Meanwhile, acclaimed director Christopher Nolan also talked about how he was influenced by works like Prias’ dark vision of the future for his acclaimed sci-fi blockbuster. Originalamong others.

City of Shadows is available to rent on Lionsgate+ and on Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV.

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