“Reptiles”: Benicio del Toro and Justin Timberlake in a dark Netflix crime thriller

Del Toro and Timberlake work together on an intense police investigation. (Netflix)

A dangerous duo prepares for their arrival in one of the next cop thrillers Netflix, Justin Timberlake or benicio del toro will be a star reptile ,snake, famous singer and actor of social network ,Social Networks) or BaazigarReturn to the big screen in the hands of this Hollywood veteran, remembered for films like Snatch: Hair and Diamonds or Cesario, The story will be based on an intense police investigation of both the actors which promises to keep the audience hooked from beginning to end.

Del Toro plays a detective in the film Tom Nichols, who chases an assassin without rest, but in the past it seems the only one standing in his way. The 56-year-old actor, in a chat with Netflix, described his character as a “man of destiny” who gets a second chance to face reckoning. “I’ve had moments that I’ve been like ‘Oh, damn it!’ I like to say, that’s what inspired me to get involved”, he explained his approach towards the project.

The story of the film revolves around the brutal murder of a young real estate agent. As Nikolas progresses in the investigation, he is faced with the illusions of his life. Justin Timberlake, who plays the victim’s husband, Desireexpressed his enthusiasm for the story, comparing it to suspense soap opera Que uno no puede deserter de lire. He commented, “I liked the idea of ​​playing a character who constantly has to react to unexpected things.”

Alicia SilverstoneDel Toro is reunited after their collaboration, in the role of Judy, the wife of Detective Nichols. additional equipmentSince 1997. Their reunion, as described by both actors, has been very grateful and, partly with Timberlake, we are faced with a trio of talented actors who promise to surprise on stage. streaming,

Alicia Silverstone and del Toro reunite on “Reptiles”. (Netflix)

“After the brutal murder of a young agent with well-rooted roots, a seasoned detective tries to discover the truth in a case in which nothing is as it seems and, in doing so, he discovers the illusions of his life.” does”, describe it netflix official summary,

The film can be seen for the first time in March in September before moving to the catalog of the streaming platform Toronto International Film Festival, one of the most important ceremonies of the moment and where other international titles will also be presented. Dicha proyección will take place in “en” Rosa a month before its global launch.

“Reptiles” will screen at the Toronto Film Festival ahead of its streaming debut. (Netflix)

reptile debut in Netflix Next October 6th.

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