Reliving the Drama on Netflix! This Is Amber Heard’s Mexican Boyfriend Who Defended Her In Court Against Johnny Depp

It was expected to end in June 2022 Amber Heard and Johnny Depp The bitter struggle for his life took him to the courts and without a hitch Netflix revived the story with the premiere of its documentary, which is a success on the platform.

And more than choosing “Ek Bando” among Hollywood stars, the tragedy exposed the millions who followed his decisions on a daily basis. Contains stories and characters Who, without being asked, remembered the moments he shared with one of them.

Was one of the first to publicly show his support for the interpreter of ‘Mera’ in DC’s ‘Aquaman’ stories Alejandro Monteverde, Film producer and Amber’s former partner in 2004.

a coincidence story

Alejandro Monteverde has earned fame in the industry with his history of overcoming challenges, such as the passion he dedicates to his projects, of course, behind his dream of the film industry he knew Amber.

According to Infobey, the filmmaker told Daily Mail that the two met in Austin. Where is the actress from? they started dating as a coupleBut the result of friendship was better for both.

,We literally left for a week, We were bad friends. Empeke in Austin, as we met through some friends at a cafe there, then I moved to Los Angeles and she moved here”, he commented at the time.

‘I want a major for Ella’

In the midst of the trial in the courts, Monteverde abandoned his outspoken stand in favor of Amber, in the midst of thousands of notes And it affected the personal and professional life of the Texan actress.

“Dudo que lying (…) This is a serious allegation, you can really damage someone’s reputation. I’m really sad for her, I want the best for her, so I feel sad that she’s going through this, noO le desio esto a nadi. Whatever I am about him, I am a good person”, reported medium.

the story begins Shared together for almost 20 years in 2004 His name is on everyone’s lips around the world.

taste for mexicans

Heard was also the bride of the Mexican actor Valentino Lanus, Queen Se Mantuvo survived this dispute. Unlike the actor Otto Sirgo, who knew the Hollywood actress while maintaining a relationship with the telenovela Galan.

“It was many years ago… amber came to meet valentino to Mexico. Valentino and I were recording a soap opera together and one of the main sets was a house in Kokoyok and when Valentino was recording and I wasn’t, I was put on a bed in Alberta to take in the sunlight. I was delighted, Amber came and did the same thing and we started a platicar y la verdad nos llevabamos muy bien”, says Otto Sirgo, referring to the telenovela he filmed in 2006.

Sirgo said a year ago in an interview with Ventiendo, who mentioned an Amber “different” That’s what he got to know and share.

“in that moment She was a very nice girl, very normal, we wrote a lot because i was learning a script because i was going to be filming an episode i think it was from CSI miami and we were talking about…he already gave me a change Hey! Yo leo del juicio y de todo lo que hes, pues no es la mimma ember que yo conoci, la verdad”, concluded Otto Sirgo.

What is the documentary about?

although son solo episode 3 For those who keep track of this Netflix production, this has been enough to keep it as the most watched film in Mexico since its debut a few days ago.

By the way, the weekend was crowned with the highest consumption in this Streaming Platform.

Social networks show personality and surroundings a la Esperanza Dairon “Spice” El Juicio while it was viewed under strong criticism around the world.

The actors shared the stage in $!2011 and their relationship was confirmed in the 2012 finale.

The actors shared the stage in 2011 and their relationship was confirmed in the 2012 finale.

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Precisely one of the propositions that the documentary contains is the media that resulted in the provocation of the case and the halo of comments.Piniones as opposed to Algono.

certain alleged disputes depp’s son l video With an onslaught of violence in the kitchen, alleged fights in bed as well as multiple assaults between the two.



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