Red de Calor de Calor de Soria will sponsor the club for four years…

Red de Calor de Soria and Club Balonmano Soria have signed a cooperation agreement for the next four years, an agreement made between the biomass thermal energy supply company Soria and a team chaired by Carlos Heras Larrada, which will be reviewed based on the progress made Club Soriano reaps the benefits .

Rebi, the promoter of Soria Heat Network, is thus reinforcing its commitment to capital, the environment and the goal of reducing pollutant emissions that still emanate from gas and diesel boiler chimneys. “Also with the family farm and neighbors who use municipal facilities connected to the heating network, as is the case with the sports center, the headquarters of this club, San Andrés. The players, the coaching staff, their families and, of course, the fans enjoy every game and every training covered by the heating that the “Heat Network” supplies to the pavilion, the players take a shower with water heated by the energy of the “Heat Network”; And of course we also want to be on his jersey, we want to be part of his club,” explains Rebi CEO Alberto Gomez.

The team led by Jordi Lluelles welcomes this sponsorship “with the utmost enthusiasm for our new performance in the First National Division. We want to thank Red de Calor de Soria for their commitment to our city and our club, we applaud them,” says President Carlos Heras Larrad.

Soria Handball Club will again compete in the First National Division after playing in the play-off last season for promotion to the Silver Division of Honor, in which it debuted for the first time in its history in the 2021-2022 season.

Red de Calor de Soria not only strives to protect the environment, “but also leads a healthy lifestyle, respecting nature and open spaces; we support sports and teams that play and compete in cities where we have heating networks, as in the case of Soria, our birthplace and origin.”

The collaboration with the Soria Handball Club in the next 2023/24 season means for the Network “the projection of our most sensitive values ​​such as solidarity, camaraderie, fair play, improvement, integration, teamwork and life rage. For the entire Red de Calor de Soria team, this is an investment, not an expense, as they have chosen to create an emotional connection with the sport and its values.”

If the number 8 player of the team is the fans, their key unconditional support in many games, “we want to be another player and be in the San Andres sports center in every game that we hope will be memorable, that she will reap the greatest rewards “. good luck on your 26th birthday. We are confident that next season the team will play a new phase of promotion to the Silver Division of Honor.”

In the same vein, Soria Handball Club states that “with support like Red de Calor, Soria Handball Club can continue to grow in the structure of its club, promoting the sport and its values ​​among all those children that they are part of the same sports level, groups that are open to anyone who wants to play our sport. And also emphasizing that thanks to these economic impulses and the trust they show in us, it has become possible to create, at the level of their senior team in the Men’s First National Division, a competitive squad that they intend to fight again to reach, once again, to compete for classification for a new stage of promotion and fight for promotion to the Silver Division of Honor bearing the name of Soria and those organizations that are committed to the growth of our province in all corners of Spain, showing that Soria, as a province, always strives for a successful project.”

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