Photos from before 2014 were erased by Twitter’s (X) downfall

The main screen of the social network X, formerly known as TwitterGetty Images

  • Specialized media believe that this decline may be related to the changes introduced by the social network in the year 2016.

  • The glitch has been reported by several users over the weekend, although the company has already resolved it

  • One of the images lost, but already restored, is the famous selfie of Ellen DeGeneres in 2014 during the Oscars

United Nations I speak on the social network X (Twitter) This caused problems with your file Prompt to show images and links shared in publications before 2014Although I call multimedia content has been restored in some publications during the weekend.

Currently, the platform allows the launch of up to four images in one publication, except for links to other websites. However, there appears to be an error in older publications that limits access to multimedia content and, therefore, may lead to the loss of important moments shared on social networks.

One of the lost images, but already restored, is a selfie Ellen DeGeneres in 2014

As user Tom Coates can confirm, this Saturday the social network stopped showing both photos and links to posts shared before 2014. “Esto es, so far, A decade of images and videos on Wednesday removed from service in the early 2000s”, Coates sentenced.

The situation was also reported by other users, who pointed out that the Oscars selfie publication was shared by the actress and television presenter Ellen DeGeneres in 2014 –Most ‘retweeted’ with over 2 million interactions– i didn’t see the image Which included celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep or Brad Pitt.

So it went along with other publications shared before the year 2014, which included images disappeared and Link converted to text format With the URL type, this is a shortened link to be able to share long URL guidelines in a publication without exceeding the maximum number of characters in the message. At the same time, this decline has not affected the video.

In this sense, it appears Falla de los Archivos de la Red Social Directed by Elon Musk, hours after users reported the incident, images from some publications — such as Ellen DeGeneres’ selfie — began becoming available on the platform. However, other publications continue to present the error.

second signaleditions like The VergeThe decline may be related to changes introduced by the social network in the year 2016, when X (Twitter) detailed in the chronology of the platform, ‘original supporting archives’ were introduced along with those that show the final URL. I was not Occupies space for the 140 character limit. Improved URL enhancement has also been introduced, showing a preview view of web sites and basic supporting files.

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