Paris Hilton: Are followers worried about her baby?

Many people highlighted the physical feature of the child and asked about the state of his health.

Paris Hilton. Photo: Instagram

Model and designer Paris Hilton shared some photos on her social networks with her seven-month-old baby boy Phoenix.

followers too business woman, I didn’t hesitate to send them ten emotional messages, but people expressed concern about seeing their child. Why?

many people highlighted a feature baby physics And asked about the state of your health.

Millionaire businesswoman on the ground gets praise, but fizzles out Summarize the messages that are read over the child’s head It is larger than normal and should be seen by a specialist.

hubo algunos que cenalarón que con seguridad el Boy In this the best doctors monitor your health and make sure everything is in order with Phoenix.

“…I’m sure he’s very aware of what’s going on”; “I think you should pay attention to the circumference of your head”, y “¿Do you want a cabeza bulbosa? Do you have hydrocephalus? I hope it is ok”, some of the comments in the post read.


It’ll only take a few days, Paris Hilton was criticized for vacationing on the island of MauiIn Hawaii, among the worst wildfires ever to occur at this location.

Some celebrities showed their solidarity with the island’s residents and asked for humanitarian aid to be sent there.

ahead of the questions Paris Hilton also joined the so-called by Dwayne Johnson ‘La Roca’ and Jason Momoa And asked for help for the inhabitants of the island.

Of course, it was reported that Paris Hilton and her husband, Carter Reim, had been planning this trip for months and had cut short their stay on the island due to an emergency.

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