LoL: PBE 13.17 Reveals Upcoming Jungle Changes

According to the latest modifications of the test server, the damage of those who play a prominent role will be affected by broad strokes.

riot game he will already be advancing his work on the first changes for patch 13.17 from LoL that are most associated with the jungle. But they might just be more focused on champions than regular RPGs.

According to the latest changes on the test server, monsters, some playable characters and two pets will be changed in MOBA. It should be noted that, like any add-on before it appears in the official update, it is subject to change or it can be abandoned.

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“Jungle Change”

These will be the following changes, which we will see in part in Jungle 13.17 or later in LoL:



  • seduction (W)
    • Slow: 65% to 30%
  • Whip (E)
    • Base damage buff: 75-175 to 65-165
  • Last Caress (R)


  • Blade Reach (W)
    • Bonus Ad Rate: 130% to 100%


  • Taste His Fear (Q)
    • Bonus Ad Rate: 115% to 105%


  • Rising Terror (E)
    • Base Slow: 50% to 30%
    • Missing Health Rate: 8% to 5%


  • General
    • Damage against pets and champions from 20 – 160 (1 – 18) to 40 – 100 (6 – 18)
    • Smite Slow duration: 2 to 1.5 seconds
    • Damage reduction against epic monsters: from 20% to 5%.

jungle pets

  • Ixamandra Ixtali
    • Shield: 60-281 (1-18) to 120-220 (8-18)
    • Fortitude and Resistance: 20% to 10%
  • Ionian cloud jumper
    • Movement Speed: 45% to 35%.
    • Movement speed when killing a monster: from 60% to 45%.

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However, the upcoming jungle changes, with the exception of champions, won’t last long in LoL 13.17 PBE. IN streaming game designer David “Frick” Turley He commented that some of those affected will return to what they were before. Therefore, it is not known if they will join the retest.

“Frick has notified that some jungle changes will be reverted.”

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