Leonardo DiCaprio: Find out where to watch all the movies starring the American actor for free

This is a list of all the films that Leonardo DiCaprio starred in. With which film did you debut?

American actor, filmmaker and environmentalist Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio is undoubtedly one of the great stars Hollywood,

DiCaprio has an extensive cinematic background and has several films under his belt. For this, we review all the works of Leonardo DiCaprio since his debut in the world of cinema.

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41-year-old successful actor Leonardo DiCaprio

Throughout his career, DiCaprio has worked with some of the most famous directors from Steven Spielberg to Martin Scorsese, and he counts superproductions and classic films.

All the films in which he played the lead role, the result was good.

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List of all Leonardo DiCaprio movies

This is a comprehensive list of all Leonardo DiCaprio movies.

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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019)

Hollywood began to change in the late 60s, and actor Rick Dalton would try to follow the change. Along with his double, the two will look at how his roots complicate change, as well as his relationship with actress Sharon Tate, a victim of the 1969 Los Manson massacre.

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El Renasido (2015)

On an expedition to the unknown North American west, where Indian tribes still live. Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio), an explorer and skin hunter, is brutally attacked by a giant bony grizzly.

Where to watch it? Netflix

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

In the mid-1980s, Belfort was a respectable young man chasing the American dream, but he quickly learned in a securities agency that the most important thing was not winning clients, but being ambitious and earning good commissions.

Where to watch it? Netflix, Prime Video and Movistar

El Gran Gatsby (2013)

el gran gatsby Follow in the footsteps of Nick Carraway, a Fitzgerald-like man who aspires to be a writer, as he leaves Central America in pursuit of his American dream.

Where to watch it? movistar

Django (2012)

The story unfolds in 1858, three years before the start of the Civil War in Texas. A German dentist and Kaiserkompensas, Doctor King Schultz (Christoph Waltz), manages the release. django (Jamie Foxx), a black slave who was sold to the Speck brothers (James Remar and James Russo).

Where to watch it? Netflix

J Edgar (2011)

Jay, E D G A RDirected by Clint Eastwood, it takes us through the life of the man who was the founder and first Director General of the FBI at just 29 years old. Jay, E D G A R Hoover (Leonardo DiCaprio) became one of the most powerful and influential men in North America and was the head of the FBI until his death in 1972.

Where to watch it?

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  • Amazon Video.

Genesis (2010)

Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a master thief who absolutely excels in the dangerous art of extraction: stealing valuable secrets from the depths of the subconscious, in the moments of sleep, when the mind is most vulnerable. Cobb’s rare skills have turned him into a coveted player in this new world of corporate espionage, but it’s also turned him into an international fugitive and left him with everything he ever wanted.

Where to watch it? Netflix, Prime Video, HBO

Shutter Island (2010)

Established in 1954, shutter Island It tells what happens when the police travel from Boston to an island where a psychiatric hospital is located. There, they investigate the mysterious disappearance of an assassin, Rachel Solando, who has been interned there.

Where to watch it? Prime Video, Movistar

Revolutionary Road (2008)

los wheelers moved to 115 revolutionary Road, in the suburbs of Connecticut when April is embarrassed. The couple are close friends of his real estate agent Helen Givings and her husband Howard Givings and his vesina Millie Campbell and her husband Shep.

Where to watch it? netflix prime video

Red of Lies (2008)

Based on a novel by David Ignatius, web of lies tells the story of Roger Ferris (Leonardo DiCaprio), a CIA agent sent to Iraq with the aim of capturing a dangerous Islamic leader.

Where to watch it? Netflix

Departure (2006)

It reports on the logistical rivalry between the police and organized crime, with the distinction that both groups top each other’s gangs.

Where to watch it? Netflix

Blood Diamonds (2006)

The film tells the story of two characters, Danny Archer (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Solomon Vandy (Djimon Hounsou), who are united by a desire to find the one. Diamond Which can change your life.

Where to watch it? Netflix, Movistar

the Aviator (2004)

During the 30s and 40s, Howard Hughes, a wealthy industrialist, rose to prominence as a film producer, aircraft designer, and pilot.

Where to watch it? hbo max

Catch Me If You Can (2002)

A swindled teen (Leonardo DiCaprio) successfully poses as an airline pilot, surgeon and lawyer.

Where to watch it? Netflix

Gangs of New York (2002)

In the midst of a civil war, the young nation finds itself on the brink of anarchy. But in Five Points, New York’s poorest neighborhood, where poverty, crime and organized crime reign, another war is being fought.

Where to watch it? prime video

Never Say What You Think (2001)

Like every Saturday, a group of friends gather at the Don Plum Cafeteria for conversation. Each of them brings out something of their own personality and evokes different emotions in others.

La Playa (2000)

Richard (Leonardo DiCaprio), is a young American in Thailand. He arrived in Southeast Asia with the intention of having a completely different experience from his life. It deals with the existence of an island that is believed to be a paradise, but which is generally believed to be mythical.

Where to watch it? HBO

The Man in the Hero Mask (1998)

hiero masked man This is a mysterious French character from the 17th-18th centuries, who was imprisoned in the Bastilla prison for unknown reasons. My face was covered when I was in jail mask Hecha probably belonged to Terciopel, although legend says it was Brother,

Where to watch it? Amazon Prime Video, MGM Amazon Channel,

Celebrity (1998)

A comedy packed with characters and shot in black-and-white, its hilo conductor is a failed novelist who introduces himself to the world of cinema celebrities with the hope that the script he wrote will be adapted to the screen, and His ex-wife who unknowingly gains fame.

Where to watch it? Amazon Prime Video

Titanic (1997)

Jack is a young artist who wins a ticket to travel to America on the Titanic, the largest and safest ocean liner ever built. On the ship he meets Rose, an upper-class girl traveling with her mother and her fiance Cal, a millionaire who cares only for the prestige of his fiancee’s family. Jack and Rose fall in love despite her mother and Cal being hard on their relationship. Meanwhile, the Glorious Transatlantic approaches a giant iceberg.

Where to watch it? Disney Plus, Movistar Plus

Romeo and Juliet (1996)

In an update of William Shakespeare’s classic tragedy, two Verona Beach teens fall in love despite their families clashing (Capuleto and Montesco).

Where to watch it? disney+

Diary of a Rebel (1995)

Jim is a young poet and musician from New York who uses his experiences with drugs, alcohol and crime to develop his work.

Where to watch it? Netflix

The Fast and the Deadly (1995)

A woman (Sharon Stone) heads to Rendezvous for revenge. It’s about killing the man (Gene Hackman) who has terrorized the entire village and turned his life into hell.

Where to watch it? Netflix

Lives to the Limit (1995)

Paul Verlaine is a French poet addicted to alcohol and surviving on charity. In 1871, while his wife was expecting a child, he met Arthur Rimbaud, a young admirer of his work, with whom he would begin a torrid romance that would end in disaster.

Where to watch it? streaming in qbittv

Who likes Gilbert grapes? (1993)

Nothing ever happens in the quiet village of Andorra. this is where the curious family lives Grape, The mayor of the brothers and the head of the family, GilbertShe must live her dreary life in a small warehouse divided between her work, her married lover and her dependent family.

Where to watch it? prime video

This Boy’s Life (1993)

Toby Wolfe (Leonardo DiCaprio) lives with his mother in Seattle. After a priest who doesn’t want them, Caroline (Ellen Barkin) meets Dwight (Robert De Niro), a mechanic who treats them like they both deserve. Now that’s what a real family looks like when all you have is money

Where to watch it? amazon video

Venomous Hydra (1992)

Sylvie Cooper is an introverted graduate student whose rebelliousness mirrors the struggles within her comfortable family. … A mysterious and attractive young woman, Ivy, befriends Sylvie and uses her to win over her parents as well. So, Ivy begins to spin a web of lies about the entire family.

Critters 3 (1991)

During some holidays, Clifford, a widowed man, and his sons, Annie and Johnny, get together. creatures Ignoring the fact that it is a very dangerous creature, they take it to their home.

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