LEC Finals: Fnatic, SK, BDS and Excel scores for Worlds 2023

We quote the Spanish cliché “So far but so close” many times to no avail, feeling deeply sensitive to the situation and seeming to be genuine poets of the modern world that surrounds us.

But other times it’s a phrase that fits the situation so well that I felt compelled to start with such an intense paragraph and finally, let’s get to the confusion that it’s about League of Legends.

It turns out that G2 Esports and MAD Lions These are the first European teams. qualified for the 2023 World Cupbut the LEC is missing two more spots and has four teams picking them up.

World Cup 2023 ready for delivery this year

This Fnatic, BDS, SK Gaming and Excelfour organizations that, within a year and thanks to a change in format, reached the final phase of the LEC to fight everything to go to South Korea.

Machada is important for Fnatic who, after the worst year in their history, can achieve their goal of making Spain happy as oscarinin And razor can compete at the 2023 World Cup with Eloya.

Hello, I am the manager of Movistar eSports. Finally they gave me a corner where I can talk about top secret passages that I can’t catch here. I tell you in MY newsletter (only mine and yours).

What does each team need to participate in the 2023 World Cup?

The answer is very simple: win the game ahead. BDS and SK Gaming will face each other on August 26 at 18:00 Spanish time, and whoever wins, will be at the 2023 World Cup.

the same goes for Fnatic and Excel, who will play Bo5 on August 27 at 18:00; the winner will have a ticket to South Korea ready, and the loser will be able to start thinking about 2024.


But it’s all in the fine print: if you win, you qualify for the 2023 World Cup, but you still have to face another winner and this game is very important ahead of the international tournament.

Mainly because whoever loses this hypothetical game in the next round bottom bracket it will be the 4th seeds from Europe and will have to compete with the 4th from NA be in Play-In. This team, by the way, is the Golden Guardians.

So we have three spectacular Bo5s ahead of us in the LEC: the first two to face the latest European representatives at the 2023 World Cup and the last to see which team is going to face NA in person in Korea for a place in the game. -V.

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