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Improper diet, sedentary lifestyle, lack of a healthy lifestyle in everyday life are often the causes of diseases at an early age. Concerned about the number of children with serious illnesses at a very early age, the Ministry of Health encourages parents to lead their children by example, which is an excellent strategy for allowing boys and girls to lead a healthy lifestyle.

In this sense, it is recommended to consume three servings of fruits and two servings of vegetables, or, conversely, different colors every day. This is given that fruits and vegetables are a good source of vitamins, fiber and water, so it is important to include them in your daily diet.

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In this sense, nutritional health professionals at the Ministry of Health have called for them to be consumed by the whole family, as they are a great option to eat as an afternoon snack, snack or dessert for lunch or dinner. Vegetables can be eaten for lunch and dinner.

The strategies that professionals offer to the youngest members of the family for consuming fruits and vegetables are to offer attractive preparations, such as colorful and fun recipes; replace sweets with healthy desserts, fruit kebabs, fruit compotes, fruit ice cream in chocolate, marmalades.

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Also, involve kids in cooking, know the ingredients, colors, texture, ease of preparation, and age appropriate. and also to promote consumption of healthy liquids, preferably water, as an option, pieces of natural and citrus fruits can be added to the water, instead of juices with artificial additives and soft drinks.

It also aims to encourage children to play games and outdoor activities, ride a bike, jump rope, run and play sports by reducing the time spent in front of screens. A varied, balanced diet based on fruits and vegetables, in addition to being tasty and nutritious, helps maintain the body’s natural barriers against infections and strengthens defenses against viruses.

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