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Renan faces attackers in Brazil defending her dream of seeing Taylor Swift, Ingrid denounces “abuse” for expensive tickets in Mexico, Ira spends months in Argentina to get the best spot at her concert Has been queuing since. Latin America awaits pop superstar with excitement and frustration: Many fans are young people struggling with economic uncertainty, despite the fact that they appreciate the high ticket prices and do not agree with the apparent irregularities in the sales.

Enjoy “Yuga”, First true American visit to the region -Participated in one-off events in Mexico in 2011 and Brazil in 2012- It turned out to be an expensive trip. In Rio de Janeiro, 24-year-old DJ Renan Rodrigues spent several nights in front of the Nilton Santos Stadium tent, where Swift will perform from November 17 to 19.

DJ Firmino is known for creating music for the themed festivities of “Swifties” (nicknamed by fans). I got tickets for three renditions, but Botellazzo hit me in the head to resist the onslaught during the guard., “I wanted to take my cell phone, and inside it was my card from the only authorized bank to intercept. Solo thought: my card will not be taken”, reports Rodrigues, who claims the superficial Herradas.

Tickets in Brazil cost between $35 and $468. In Mexico, fans will have to pay more: between $55 and $614, according to official figures, in a country where young people charge an average of $366 a month. Ingrid Cruz, the founder of the official Mexican fan club, regrets that she played with the most expensive tickets in the arena because she believes that priority was given to selling “VIP packages” before ordinary countries.

The most expensive package in Mexico costs $959, while in Argentina it costs $613. “It was too much abuse,” he claimed. Consumers also denounced problems on US Ticketmaster’s Ticketmaster platform, which operates in Mexico as part of the powerful CIE group, which concentrates about 65% of the local market for live shows.

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Mexican “Swifties” questioned the deterrent system for the four concerts in Mexico City that would kick off the festival, based on previous registrations of “verified fans” via email. Ironically, Joel Aguilar, the creator of Taylor Swift MX’s ‘fanpage’ that has nearly 20,000 followers from 20 countries, never got the exclusive link to buy them.

“Ninguno de los Correos was selected,” says the 26-year-old, whose family and friends registered to help him. Only the last row got entry. Denise Castro, 26 and unemployed for six months, juggled building credit history and getting a card from the bank sponsoring the concert. Unfortunately, the bank has recently restricted the financing of bills. “It’s terrible”, laments Denise, who got the cheapest stuff.

Ticketmaster in Mexico faces a “class action” before the consumer advocate (Profeco) for non-conformities between 2020 and 2022, including the chaos last December for false tickets to a show in Puerto Rico Bad Bunny also includes.

Under pressure from Casa Blanca, the company admitted to disclosing its costs in the United States last June and received angry complaints from artists such as The Cure leader Robert Smith for excessive recharging. Issues in Mexico include cloning of bank slips, delays in refunds and a lack of mechanisms for reconciliation with customers, explains Maximilian Merk, co-founder of Tech-Check, an organization that defends online consumers.

“In Mexico, do what you want” because of the inaction of the authorities, including Merck, whose organization drives the collective action. Ticketmaster did not respond to requests for comment from AFP. However, the company launched a new digital ticket a week ago that will protect against counterfeiting via bar codes, replacing printed tickets, in addition to a “help button” for customers.

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Passion for the one-time Grammy Award winner peaked in Buenos Aires, where a group of fans set up a camp outside Rivera Stadium in June, five months before the concert, to be closer to the stage. You have to follow one rule: spend 28 hours per month in Carp until you total up to 200 and secure your spot.

“It’s going to be a complete ruckus,” predicts Ira Palavensino, one of the campers. “Yo por teller, la vida”. Tickets sold out quickly in Argentina, despite a severe economic crisis. The violence reaches even the highest regions. Self-proclaimed “Swifty” Chilean President Gabriel Boric wrote to the singer on Twitter and asked her to include his country in an upcoming tour.

I got myself the first minister, Justin Trudeau, who achieved that, with the artist, who kicked off Canada, announcing six dates in Toronto for 2024. Taylor Swift is apart of an inter-generational phenomenon judged by fans like the former President of the Supreme Court of Mexico, Arturo Zaldivar, 64. “There’s nothing trivial about Taylor Swift,” Judge wrote in a newspaper last June.

Source: AFP.

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