Jennifer Lopez Had a Great Chat With Ben Affleck on Their First Wedding Anniversary

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck They died in front of a judge a year ago and can officially assume that they are husband and wife. jlo A beautiful detail with Ben in this close up for a lady has left Lujo to publish unpublished photos of Tuvo and August 21, 2022.

JLo’s message to Ben on his birthday

Hoy has un ano…

Dear Ben,

sitting here alone

looking at my anilo anilo

feel overwhelmed

i like to sing

How did we get here?

without rewind

oh my

This is my life…


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are more in love than ever

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck They were engaged in 2004, which seemed to end in marriage, but they split up and went their own way with each other, but in 2021 they began to reconcile and in 2022 they married almost 20 years ago. Started it, finished it.

But on the whole it was kind to them today, while they got married and were forced to separate, as their labor obligations took them to different cities, and a few months later they found happiness by buying their new mansion. And now they are happy in Palisades, California.

The best test this weekend is that they’re more in love than ever bennifer They had a wonderful celebration that ended with a sweet message from Jennifer on social networks.


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