Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck “Timbalan” for the criminal past of their new mansion.

DThe search for a new property in California took months, Jennifer Lopez or ben affleck They finally found their new home and are preparing to move in An Impressive Mansion in Beverly Hills Is known wallingford estate,

the value of this property is $60.85 million And this building is located in a privileged position on a two-acre farm wallingford drivein the middle Beverly Hills,

It has 12 rooms, 15 fireplaces and 24 bathrooms, but it also has a bit of a troubled past.

A timeline of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s $60 million mansion

the last couple of the new house of Jennifer Lopez or ben affleck When he lived in this mansion he was trapped by the law.

For example, diary Opinion has informed that this mansion has been bought Curtis Somoza in 2004 but shortly after he was arrested and sentenced to 25 years for a scam Ponzi,

In 2007, the house was bought jeong leea businesswoman South Korea There were no hobo mucho scandals during most of the decade, as the property was rarely used and, at times, was rented out to tenants for short periods of time or even for one time. events.

it’s 2015 when Majid Abdulaziz Al-Saud Prince Saudi, entered the property and, second hollywood reporter, was detained by the local police after the alleged attack on the women. However, the county tax official los angeles They never processed it, as there was not enough evidence to present charges.

In 2016, gala asher Bought the property and spent millions of dollars to turn it into the property it is now worth $60 million.


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