How to prevent wildfire smoke from affecting your health

Emergency services warn the public about the spread of smoke (Government of Córdoba)

While the authorities of Cordova confirm that fire sources are localized strong winds that hit the provinces yesterday, reaching speeds of more than 170 kilometers per hour, are blowing smoke through the center of the country.

The worst fires occur in jacanto, in the department of Calamuchita, where there were several evacuated and burned houses. Just as fire persists in some springs, smoke enveloping much of Córdoba and creates difficulties in the health of the inhabitants of the place.

In addition to consuming natural resources that take many years to recover, fire has a major impact on human and animal health. Air pollution exacerbates respiratory symptomscauses allergic reactions and may irritate the eyes and nose.

Strong winds spread smoke that reaches several Argentinean provinces (Government of Córdoba)

When a person breathes this smoke, health effects can be immediate. Some of them are: cough, difficulty breathing normally, burning eyes, irritation in the throat, more common runny nose, irritation in the nose, wheezing and shortness of breath, chest pain, headaches, asthma attacks, fatigue or heart palpitations.

Doctor Stella Maris Cuevasan otolaryngologist and an allergist specializing in odors warned information that “smoke has a very harmful effect on our health. outside eye irritation and nasal congestion, this can also lead to effects in the lungs, such as bronchospasm and severe headache“.

Exposure to smoke ‘worsens people’s condition allergic And asthmatics and it can also affect the feeling smell. The most vulnerable groups are young children and the elderly,” said the former president of the Buenos Aires Association of Otolaryngologists (AOCBA).

The fires in La Calera and Salsipuedes caused the most concern due to their proximity to a residential area (Government of Córdoba).

To mitigate the entry into the air of particles from burning meadows, chin straps become an aid to prevent pollen from entering the mouth and nose, they are necessary for avoid breathing smokeand the use of goggles must be added to also protect the eyes, Dr. Cuevas pointed out.

Over the past 5 years, the highest peaks of forest fires have been recorded in the country and, according to the GSMP, 95% of all outbreaks were caused by human actions. There are several factors that today combine simultaneously and in combination with human intervention contribute to the spread of flames, and with it smoke:

– Droughts

– Presence of north wind

– High temperatures

– Lack of rain

Fires in San Luis and Cordoba

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Mr.CDCabbreviation in English) in the United States recommend following these guidelines to avoid inhaling smoke from fires:

1. Dust masks are not enough to protect you.. Wearing N95 masks will provide more protection when worn properly than regular face masks.

2 – Keep the indoor air as clean as possible. Close doors and windows unless it is very hot outside, as this can make it very hot inside. If you have an air conditioner, turn it on, but close the outside air intake and keep the filter clean so smoke doesn’t get in.

3 – Do not increase indoor air pollution. If the smoke concentration is high, do not light anything that can burn, such as stoves or fireplaces. Do not vacuum because this will move particles already in your home. Do not smoke tobacco or any other products, as this increases air pollution.

Smoke and poisonous gases are very harmful to health. (Government of Cordoba)

4 – Pay attention to local air quality reports. When a wildfire breaks out in your area, be aware of the health warnings about smoke hazards. Take extra precautions, such as avoiding being outdoors.

5. Avoid smoking while outdoors.. Forest fires can produce a lot of smoke. It is advisable to postpone these activities or do them indoors so as not to inhale polluted air.

More than three active outbreaks were reported in Cordoba on Tuesday (Government of Cordoba).

“Chemical Hypersensitivity Syndrome is an annoying condition that is difficult to diagnose. It manifests itself as a hypertrophied reaction of the nervous system to certain stimuli, ”the doctor explained. caves.

In case of chemical hypersensitivity, nervous, endocrine and immune systems: communication between them makes multiple changes. Smoke and the release of poisonous gases are very harmful to patients with this syndrome.

For unknown reasons, in the presence of various substances, the process hypersensitivity and poor tolerance, which ends with an overreaction of the immune system. This response may involve immunoglobulins A, E, and G, or cytokines, which are inflammatory mediators causing multisystem symptoms and signs.

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