For action series fans, watch Operation Lioness on UOL Play!

If you enjoy action series, prepare to discover Operation Lioness, produced by Taylor Sheridan (from Yellowstone), which stars Zoe Salda and Nicole Kidman as CIA agents on a risky mission.

This detective series is another project from Paramount+ that stars Morgan Freeman and already has a premiere date: July 23.

Willing? So rest assured, today we are going to talk about Operation Lioness, the latest project to enter Taylor Sheridan’s legendary list of movies and TV shows. Come check it out!

Intense encounter between elements of realism and action series!

Zoe Saldana stars in Paramount+’s new action series, Operation Lioness. Best known for starring in major productions such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Avatar, she now challenges herself in a new role!

Zoe shows a more annoying side than usual as she faces a story based on true events. After all, Paramount+’s new project is based on an actual CIA program!

The series is based on the story of Cruz Manuelos (played by Lesla de Oliveira), a determined young Marine who is passionate about his job. Cruz is recruited into the Lioness Engagement Team, led by Zoe (played by Zoe Saldana), with the objective of taking down an international terrorist organization.

Produced by MTV Entertainment Studios with 101 Studios for Paramount+, with eight episodes, the first trailer for the series has already been released since 12/06. With a story like that, there’s no way we can lose, right?

Operation Lions Brazilian Trailer (2023) Zoe Saldana, Morgan Freeman

Know the names behind the characters

With several big names in its cast, the series only amasses the reasons that make it unforgettable! Therefore, UOL Play separated the main names behind the characters:

As we previously reported, the protagonist will be played by Zoe Saldana, best known for roles in Star Trek, Guardians of the Galaxy and Avatar, among others in recent years. Next to her, we have Nicole Kidman (Big Little Lies, With Eyes Wide Shut and Aquaman) who, in addition to being an actress, is also a producer of the series.

Finally, further enriching his resume – already extensive – is Morgan Freeman, another Oscar-winning actor. He will star in the series alongside Lesla de Oliveira and Michael Kelly.

Just a big name, isn’t it?

Taylor Sheridan in a relentless pursuit of justice?

Operation Lioness comes to Paramount+ to join the roster of series created by famed screenwriter Taylor Sheridan alongside Yellowstone and Tulsa King!

And if there is one notable feature in his productions, it is certainly his attitude towards violence and how it relates to corruption and justice. Always trying to understand the motivations of his characters to face the challenges, whether in a rural setting or city limits.

complexity of characters

Another very interesting aspect of Sheridan’s series is the complexity of the main characters. Typically, they are portrayed as anti-heroes, characters with moral and ethical dilemmas who do not always fit the traditional definition of a hero.

The most interesting thing is that these characters ultimately attract the public precisely because they are not perfect and seem more real and even like them!

Like normal people, they have flaws of character, make mistakes, and face difficult decisions that often put them in conflict with the law or their conscience.

tulsa king

In it we follow the complexities of Dwight, played by Sylvester Stallone, a mobster who has been imprisoned for 25 years and has betrayed no accomplices.

However, upon his release from prison, he learns that his loyalty was futile and learns that the head of the organization is ill and that his replacement will be an ambitious and spoiled young man.

With Dwight we not only see an engaging narrative and a plot of violence with an emotional twist, but we also see a topic that is rarely addressed in the series: generational conflict.

What do we learn from the characters of Opakao: Lioness, as we learn about Taylor Sheridan’s efforts in her latest series?

Watch the Tulsa Kings on UOL Play!

The best series on UOL Play gathered in one place!

No doubt you’re already interested in Operation: Lioness, so know that it will be available exclusively Paramount+ starts July 23!

Yellowstone and Tulsa King are also available on Paramount+ for you to use and view.

Tune in now and watch the best of Paramount+ and get your popcorn ready to see Operation Lioness on 07/23!

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