Drake Bell will release his book ‘I Found a Way’

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We.– American actor Drake Bell hates to know this Will release a book titled “I Found a Way”Where he will talk about the scams he was involved in during his career.

It must be remembered, however, that most of the singers mediate controversies; When? pleaded guilty to abusing a minor And he recently got divorced from Janet von Schmeling, the mother of his son Jeremy.

Drake confessed in an interview to a national newspaper that, he plans to launch the book next year, which is all he needs to cure his inner yo. he will give his own version of the characters,

“I have been writing this for some time. Taking it out completely is very therapeutic and laxative; Memories coming back. It is a story of tragedy and triumph. A roller coaster that takes you through different emotions about Hollywood, entertainment, media”, details the Nickelodeon star.

“I am sure the readers will be surprised and astonished to discover a part of me that they have never heard of and that I have never spoken of. There are chapters that I have worked through that are very painful, but I know that this process lets me get rid of things that I have been carrying around for so long”, he added.

Bell took the opportunity to speak In connection with the scam in which he was involved in the month of April lastDue to the fact that it was reported as missing after not being reported in a day.

“I was in a very emotional moment, as is the case with many people, and I was having many conversations with my family. Unfortunately, I left the cell phone on in the car. My family couldn’t find me, they were worried, there were many misunderstandings about where I was. The news came out, a circle of information was created and it became bigger than ever”, he elaborated.

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