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Sex diets may not be as effective as they seem

Sex diets may not be as effective as they seem

Sex diet is a practice that has become a fever among celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Cameron Diaz, who want to lose weight through five hours of sex, which is done thrice a week, which according to them , reduces to 8. thousand calories and inadequate nutrition.

But, do these crazy diets really work? To this end, Camilla Gentile, sexologist and managing partner of Exclusiva Sex1, explains some of the situations in which sex interferes with human health.

According to experts, a study conducted by Canada’s Montreal University states that sex helps in weight loss and also burns some calories. He explains, “Sex can burn calories; however, this will vary depending on the position and intensity of the people involved in the act. The practice can burn up to 70 calories in women and 100 calories in men.”

In spite of following a completely regulated diet, Camila reports that it is extremely important to have proper food during sexual activity, otherwise it can affect certain functions of our body.

Experts explain, “Depending on what you eat, the smell of discharge can change. Secondly, if the person does not eat a balanced diet, it can alter the production of certain neurotransmitters that affect performance and fertility.” could.”

Although sex burns calories, it is not considered an appropriate activity for weight loss. According to sexologists, having sex for a long time can cause diseases as well as injury to the genitals. “As unbelievable as it may sound, it is not as healthy as most people believe. Prolonged sex can lead to microscopic cracks due to friction. This can increase the risk of STIs, which is a sexually transmitted infection”, he commented.

Furthermore, despite the fact that sexual activity is pleasurable, other experts, such as doctor Leonardo Valadao, report that the practice of physical exercise is more effective for weight loss, along with a healthy diet. Activities such as bicycling and fast running burn up to 350 calories in 30 minutes.

Exercise is important for weight loss

Exercise is important for weight loss

If you want to lose weight, consult with professionals in the field who can help you take care of your physical health.

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