Britney Spears talks about her divorce from Sam Asghari

At the age of 41, Britney Spears has lived a new love failure due to her separation from Sam Asghari. The 29-year-old model and personal trainer asked La Princesa del Pop for “irreconcilable differences” after being married for 14 months.

The actor confirmed the news of the breakup on Instagram: “After six years of love and mutual commitment, my wife and you have decided to end our journey together.” In addition, he asked the press to consider: “We will keep the love and respect that exists between us and I wish you all the best. Asking for privacy seems ridiculous, so ask everyone to be kind and considerate.”

The singer expressed herself on social networks by publishing a video of her dancing to Janet Jackson’s theme “If”, with a clear message: “As everyone knows, Hessam and Yo we are not together… Six years is a long time to be with someone, so I’m a little shocked but… I’m not here to explain why, because honestly it’s nobody’s business!

“I worked hard for a very long time and my Instagram may look perfect but it is far from reality and I think we all know that! I would love to show my emotions and my tears how I really am But for some reason I’ve always felt like one that hides my weaknesses!” Britney said on Instagram. “I feel like I was made up once again.”

Britney Spears love story with Sam Asgari

In 2016, they started the novel when the interpreter met the actor during the shooting of the video clip “Slumber Party”. The couple had to wait a few years to formalize the relationship. In April 2022, the “Oops!…I Did It Again” artist said she was embarrassed by the promise she made. However, a month later it was reported on social networks that she had a miscarriage.

Instead of resorting to music to elope, they will have a wedding party on June 9, 2022, at their home in Thousand Oaks, California. With this marriage, it seemed that Brittany had regained her life and regained her freedom after the end of the judicial guardianship of her prior, which had lasted more than 13 years. However, even after more than a year of marriage, they could not overcome this crisis and love ended.

Rumors abound that a possible love affair was the reason for the end of the marriage. Portal tmz Assured that Sam must have been disgusted by Brittany’s alleged infidelity with a member of her household staff, but there is still no confirmation on the matter.

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari were married 14 months ago Credit: Instagram

Dos bodas y el nacimiento de sus hijos

The “Toxic” performer has always had an intense love life. In 2002, she met dancer Kevin Federline when she recorded the “My Perrogative” video. At that time, he already had a family with Shar Jackson, however, he parted ways in order to bet on his relationship with the singer. They finally got married on 18 September 2004 in Los Angeles.

A year after the wedding, on September 14, 2005, Sean Preston was born, the couple’s first son. While Jaden James arrived on September 12, 2006. It seemed that Britney Spears had fulfilled her dream of being a mother and being a mother. family, even though relations with her husband were not good. Furthermore, the press accused him of being a lucky charmer and taking advantage of the artist’s fame to promote his career as a rapper. He tried unsuccessfully to mend the pair’s image with reality. Britney and Kevin Chaotic.

Britney with her two sons, Sean Preston and Jaden James Credit: Instagram

The situation kept getting worse until the artist filed for divorce in November 2006 after three years of marriage. The two shared care of the children, but Spears suffered a mental breakdown and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital in 2008. From that episode onwards, Federline was in charge of the children and interpreter under the tutelage of her father, Jamie Spears. For more than a decade, the singer was unable to make decisions about her life and struggled to regain her independence, as documented in the documentary Britney Vs. Spears.

Prior to his marriage to Federline, the artist had experienced the failure of his first marriage with childhood friend Jason Allen Alexander. They married in Las Vegas in 2004 after a night of partying, booze and debauchery.

The union was too bad because it only lasted 55 hours until they asked to cancel it. Jason was so obsessed with Brittany that he tried to ruin the wedding with Sam Asghari, but was arrested.

La Princesa del Pop suffered intense erotic disappointments, even though she never closed the doors of her heart. The popular artist, who has proved herself to be a fighter despite life’s difficulties, said, “Love is an amazing feeling, and it is as worthwhile as pursuing it and risking leaving the hero.”

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