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Video games are part of our culture and leisure all over the world. It’s the entertainment industry that makes the most money, not movies or music. The most famous games are online games where users from all over the world connect and compete with each other. Examples of this are the famous Fortnite, Fifa or Call Of Duty. ‚ÄúThese names sound good because of their free availability. Anyone can become part of this community Online without paying a dime. Despite this, these games have another way to monetize their content using loot boxes.

loot boxes they are literally loot boxes. When we play against other people, each of them controls an avatar, a character. To be different from each other, there are skins, appearance and clothes they wear. If we move to playable, we can find the same cases as in the game. The main characteristic that stands out in this title is the appearance of the weapon, the ability to get a golden pistol, a purple knife, and thousands of ways that make each weapon special.

Skins available in the game Cs:Go. Photo: PULL

However, this does not increase damage or effectiveness, it is just a cosmetic addition. The way to get these Shells through loot boxes. Boxes for which, by paying real money, which is subsequently converted into virtual currency, you can get weapon skins.

The main problem with this system is that it’s random, as you don’t buy a box that guarantees you the aspect you chose earlier. What is presented to you is a container in which you can get, I repeat at random, the weapon you want. What it encourages is addiction in its purest form, similar to classic casino slot machines. The more you pay, the more likely you are to get what you want, it goes without saying that the chances of getting a super rare, legendary or similar skin are slim.

Apex Legends also includes this system. In order for him to be able to touch a legendary item, be it a weapon or a character-themed costume like Halloween or Christmas, you need to open at least thirty boxes, each of which costs one euro. The rarest packs can cost even five hundred boxes, as confirmed by a player in 2019 who spent $500.

Apex legends title lootbox. Photo: PULL

If you manage to get the reward of these stats by spending absurd amounts of money, you’ll get animations with color, brightness, and triumphant music so you can enjoy your new acquisition and get the incentive you need to keep spending the money. to get another plugin.

And it will continue like this because the games free to playbased on the fact that: micropayments, the economic cost of advancing the story of the game or the like, as well as loot boxes. They are updated every month or Seasons. Seasons in which unpublished and impressive rewards arrive, for which you will first have to go through the crate and then try your luck.

“You have to start taking precautions to avoid the dangers and addictions that this type of practice entails”

The Belgian and Dutch governments have already recognized the dangers of loot boxes. It was recently launched immortal devil Free for mobile and PC. However, these two countries banned distribution of the title due to its aggressive monetization and micro-payments where it was necessary to pay in order to be able to upgrade the character to its highest state and compete optimally on stage. Online And offline.

Boxes of the Immortal Devil. Photo: PULL

Spain is joining this trend against loot boxes with a new law by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, proposed almost a year ago and effective January 2, 2024. It is about preventing and protecting minors from possible play behaviors that may result from this type of system.

The main measure is a ban on random reward mechanisms for children under 18. The draft ministry already proposes some actions: “Entities that use or sell random reward mechanisms should provide a system of documented verification of the identity of those who participate.” Another of the main actions will be the ability to block access to loot boxes as well as limit spending, as well as “possible refunds of monies or virtual objects.”

Regardless, video game companies will continue to focus on video game production. online free to play to capitalize on profits. So stop comparing loot boxes letter envelopes or football cards and begin to take precautions to avoid the dangers and addictions that this type of practice entails.

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